The price of cabs in Estepona is a little known issue by the Esteponeros themselves since everyone has a car or an acquaintance for when they need it and because Estepona can be walked around enjoying a stroll if you have the time.

The city of Estepona is a popular tourist destination on the Spanish Costa del Sol, and cab fares play an important role. Especially because of the deficit of other public services, such as a good bus line through the city or the connection of Estepona with the airport or the train station of Malaga.

The service is limited and the absence of trains means that cabs or chauffeur-driven vehicles are often the best option for getting around Estepona and the surrounding area.

In this article we invite you to take a closer look at cab fares in Estepona. We show you which applications you can use and which phone you can call. We also tell you everything you need to know about VTCs and the prices of the most common routes from the Garden of the Costa del Sol. Are you up for it?

Cab fares in Estepona.

In general, cab fares in Estepona have remained stable in recent years. The rates are regulated by the Official Gazette of the Province of Malaga, where the current prices are established. This regulation is from 2013 and there is talk that this year 2023 could see an increase of around 6%. We will have to keep an eye on the BOJA.

Radio Taxi Estepona.

In Estepona the cab company is called Radio Taxi Estepona, they have a website, they also have a twitter account and an instagram user. But what never fails is to call them at their contact telephone number 952 80 29 00.

952 80 29 00

Where are the cab ranks in Estepona?

Cabs are usually parked at the Palacio de Congresos in Estepona, very close to the Bus Station. In this map you can see the different cab ranks in Estepona.

This company offers a service for excursions. The regular excursion service they offer is to towns such as Mijas, Casares, Malaga, Granada, Seville or Cordoba, although you can ask for the town you want to visit.

Flag and price per kilometer.

In general, cab fares in Estepona are comparable to those of other tourist towns in the area, such as Marbella and Fuengirola. In Estepona, the base fare for a cab ride in Estepona is €3.05, with an additional charge of €0.95 for each kilometer traveled. In addition, there is an additional charge of €16.00 for each hour of waiting time. These prices apply during the normal hours of service, which are 6:00 a 22:00. During night hours or holidays, from 22:00 to 6:00, prices are slightly higher, with a base fare of €3.66 and an additional €1.18 per kilometer and per hour of waiting €19.30. In Estepona there is the option of requesting an adapted cab and the price is the same. The rates have been obtained from the website of Radio Taxi Estepona. To make reservations for services such as airport pick-up, airport transfer or excursions, you can request the cab in advance from their form or by calling by phone.

Cabs vs VTC Licenses in Estepona.

In recent years, there has been an increase in competition in the cab sector in Estepona, with the arrival of new private transport companies such as Uber (Cabify has arrived in Malaga and Marbella, but we do not yet have it in Estepona). These companies have offered somewhat lower prices than traditional cabs, which has led to some complaints from traditional cab drivers. In addition, these companies have also offered greater comfort and convenience for passengers, as they can be requested through a mobile application. If you want to have a price calculation if you opt for Uber in this website you can do it.

But the cab sector is also being updated and cab drivers from Estepona have joined the Pidetaxi app so you can request a cab comfortably from the app, although I still like to talk to people and call.

Prices of the most common cab routes from Estepona.

In conclusion, cab fares in Estepona are comparable to those of other tourist towns in the area, and have been subject to some fluctuations due to recent changes in the regulation of the sector. Despite some complaints from traditional cab drivers, competition from private transportation companies such as Uber has offered passengers greater comfort and convenience. However, it is important to keep in mind that prices may vary depending on the time of day, and it is always recommended to ask for an approximate price for the service.

Here are some approximate prices, which were given to us by calling Radio Taxi Estepona, for some useful routes. As you can see below, these are very competitive prices when compared to VTC services.

Estepona center → Marbella center: 45 euros

Estepona center → Malaga airport: 100 euros

Estepona center → Malaga train station: 115 euros

Approximate prices with companies like Uber, according to their price calculator, are:

Estepona center → Marbella center: 44 euros

Estepona center → Malaga airport: 106 euros

Estepona center → Malaga train station: 113 euros

The alternative:

Browsing the web there are other options of private cars for transfers from Estepona to the airport where you can see the prices (84euros) as for example those offered here.

In summary, as you can see the prices of traditional cabs compared to new platforms like Uber are not very different as it can happen in big cities. In Estepona, cabs work very well.