If you are in Estepona and do not have a car, we will try to provide you with all the information you need to move around the town using public transport. First of all, unfortunately, our town has neither an airport nor a train station. Therefore, if you have discarded the idea of renting a car or taking a cab, you only have one option: the bus. However, the news is not very encouraging. The bus station is located on the outskirts of the town center and if you are coming from Malaga or Algeciras, you will have to take another bus to get to the center (lines L1 and L2 pass through Estepona’s secluded bus station).

Much to our regret, we must admit that urban bus transportation in our municipality is not something we can boast about, in fact, it is quite precarious. Frequencies are scarce, stops are poorly signposted, information is difficult to obtain and options are very limited.

How to move within the municipality of Estepona

Before telling you about the bus lines available in our town, I would like to try to explain an anomaly in our public transportation that you should be aware of. The Estepona City Council has awarded the concession of bus transportation within the municipality to the company Autocares Ricardo. They are blue minibuses and are exclusive for routes that start and end in Estepona.

If you see another bus from another company that, for example, has left the station and goes to La Línea but passes through the port, assuming that your route is Estepona station – Estepona Port, you will not be able to catch it. Even if it is a public transport and it takes you in the direction you want and even if it has a stop at your origin and destination, you will not be able to use it. Drivers will not be able to let you in because of a prohibition by the city council, under threat of a fine to the worker. It is absurd and impoverishes the public transport offer, but that is the way it is. The economic benefits of the concessionaire are prioritized over service improvement.

The buses of Grupo Avanza or other companies are only for trips from Estepona to any other municipality.

Having explained this, we will now detail the existing offer.


Destination Estepona town center:

If you take the bus in Estepona town and your destination is in Estepona town, you must take the L1 of Autocares Ricardo, urban route that does not leave the town center of Estepona town, going around it approximately every hour.

Destination municipality of Estepona, direction San Pedro.

If you need to go to Cancelada or to any of the many urbanizations within the municipality you must take the L2 of Autocares Ricardo. This route provides service to the Isdabe neighborhood, with a frequency of half an hour.

L3 is out of service.

The L3 of Autores Ricardo was suppressed and currently does not provide service.
Traffic problems in Estepona

The L240, Estepona – La Línea (Grupo Avanza).

You can take it both at the station and in the center, at the stops indicated in the photo above and has as main destination stops: Sabinillas, Sotogrande, San Roque and La Linea (next to the border of Gibraltar).
Frequencies range from two hours of waiting time on weekdays to four hours on weekends.

La L79, Estepona – Marbella (Grupo Avanza).

Line 79, Estepona – Marbella, Grupo Avanza, departs from the new Estepona town hall stop, making several stops in the town center before heading towards San Pedro, Puerto Banus and Marbella. It has a departure every half hour.

L77, Casares – Hospital Costa del Sol (Grupo Avanza).

Line 77, Casares – Hospital Costa del Sol, Grupo Avanza. This is the only line that stops in the center of Estepona and does not leave or end in our town. It only has one expedition and passes through Estepona around 8:30 am. direction hospital and leaves back from the hospital at 11:40 am. with direction to Casares stopping in Estepona halfway. In the afternoon there is another expedition departing from Casares at 4 pm. but that ends in Estepona without reaching the hospital and has the return to Casares at 18:30 h. from Estepona bus station.

A word of advice.

These are all the regular lines that have stops within the town of Estepona. To use any Avanza Group bus, we recommend downloading the Avanza Malaga application on your cell phone. There you can get updated information with all its routes, and even see how many minutes are left for the bus you are waiting for to arrive at the stop where you are. If your destination is other than those listed above, you should go to the bus station which is next to the Palacio de Congresos and as a reference is about twenty minutes walk from the center of Estepona.