If you are looking for a plan to spend a nice day, one of the options you have on the Costa del Sol is to go to a flea market and get lost among its stalls. There are in many municipalities and whatever day of the week, there will always be a flea market waiting for you in Estepona or its surroundings. Today we invite you to discover some of the most popular with both foreigners and wet butts. And how could it be otherwise, in this blog, we start with the ones you can enjoy in Estepona.

On Wednesday and Sunday, flea market in Estepona.

In Estepona there are street markets on Wednesday and Sunday mornings (from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm). If you go to the Marina on Sundays you can find all kinds of clothing, handicrafts and even paintings. And if you feel like buying seasonal products from local farmers, you can stop by Plaza ABC, where the organic market is set up. There is also an antique flea market in the Plaza de Toros. If you prefer Wednesdays, there is a flea market in the Parque de los Niños (also known as Parque de las Mesas) where you will find a wide selection of fruit and vegetable stalls, clothing and footwear, furniture… all at very competitive prices. In addition, in the summer there is a night market on the Paseo Marítimo with books, costume jewelry and decorative objects.

What is the difference between a flea market and a flea market?

Rastro and mercadillo are often used synonymously, as both refer to popular non-permanent markets (usually held one day a week), often in the open air, where goods are sold at reduced prices. The difference lies in the fact that flea markets sell clothes and food, while at flea markets the bulk of the offer is based on antiques of any kind.

In Estepona you have at your disposal four fantastic flea markets and a second hand flea market.

Port Market

Where: Estepona Port

Day: Sunday

Hours: from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Few places are as beautiful as the Estepona Marina. Every Sunday morning, when the echoes of the previous night’s songs can still be heard in the same leisure space, the pubs give way to the stalls. Stalls are set up with almost everything you can imagine: costume jewelry, clothing, household goods, handicrafts, leather goods, handbags and accessories, paintings, photographs… There are even wood carvings of African tradition. The best way to enjoy the Port flea market is without haste and without looking for anything in particular. Let yourself be seduced by the smell of the sea, the conversations in several languages and the offers of T-shirts at 5 euros. It is a true spectacle to be experienced with all five senses.


Street Market

Where: C/Slovakia-C/Poland-C/Slovenia (Parque de Los Niños area)

Day: Wednesday

Hours: from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

In the Children’s Park area, more than 260 stalls are set up every Wednesday morning. Almost nothing. Fruits and vegetables, clothing, dried fruits and nuts, pickles, decoration, plants and flowers, leather goods, candies, shoes, handbags, cleaning products, herbal products… In the three streets along which the Street Market of Estepona extends, you will find an endless number of products at very good prices. And if you go with children, you can always go to Las Mesas Park and let them enjoy their playtime.


Ecological Market

Where: Plaza ABC

Day: Sunday

Schedule: from 10:00 to 14:00h

Located at 41 San Roque Street, in the ABC Square, the Estepona Organic Market is a meeting point between local farmers and the demanding consumer. If you want lettuce and tomatoes that taste like lettuce and tomatoes, you’re in the right place. In this same square, not many years ago was located the bus station, now moved to the outskirts of the municipality. But now, every Sunday morning it becomes a flea market famous for the quality of its products (both food and handicrafts).


Rastro Plaza de Toros

Where: Plaza de Toros

Day: Sunday (not all year round)

Hours: from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

A good place to give a second life to your objects. The flea market at the Plaza de Toros in Estepona focuses on the sale of second hand products. Important: this flea market is not organized every Sunday. We recommend that before approaching the square, ask if it is mounted that week. If you are not lucky, with a short walk (no more than 5 minutes) you will find yourself in the Mercadillo del Puerto, which as you know, is not bad at all.


Summer Night Market

Where: Paseo Marítimo

Day: Every day in summer until September 15

Hours: from 19:00 to 00:00h

In the months of July, August and until mid-September on the Paseo Marítimo, evenings and nights are spent surrounded by stalls with all kinds of objects: there is a lot of costume jewelry, local artists exhibiting their works and several booths converted into summer bookstores where you can find books for all tastes and ages (and with a good sample in English, French and German, mainly). At this time of day, the people who are finishing their day at the beach, those who are going out for dinner or simply those who “go for a walk” (Estepona’s national sport) mingle on the promenade. And if you like chess, you can take the opportunity to play your games on giant boards made to human scale, with pieces almost half a meter high that children enjoy enormously.

Information for sellers

For there to be a buyer there needs to be a seller. If you are interested in the other side of the counter, here we explain everything you need to know to have your own stall at the flea market.

What does it take to set up a stall at the Estepona Flea Market?

If you want to sell in any of the street markets or flea markets in Estepona you have to comply with a series of requirements that are included in the Estepona Street Market Ordinance.

Conditions, permits and formalities required to sell at a flea market:

  • You must register as self-employed with the Social Security and the tax authorities.
  • To have civil liability insurance.
  • You need the signed authorization of the organizer and/or the license from the Estepona Town Hall.
  • If you sell food, you also need to have a food handler’s license and comply with current health regulations.
  • Clearly identify final sales prices (including taxes).
  • Have the invoices of the items offered for sale ready in case they are required by the competent authority.
  • Make available to users who require it the complaint and claim forms in accordance with the regulations in force.
  • To be up to date with the payment of the taxes that the municipal ordinances establish for each type of commerce.
To resolve any questions you can contact the Estepona Town Hall (Delegation of Commerce and Industry).

Best flea markets on the Costa del Sol in 2022.

The world does not end in Estepona and if you feel like spending a good day rummaging through all kinds of items, there are other very good options on the Costa del Sol. Here is a selection of the flea markets we like the most and the days of the week you can visit them. Every day there is at least one, so you have no excuse.









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Arroyo de la Miel X
Benalmádena X
Fuengirola X X X
Marbella X
Puerto Banús X X
Sotogrande X X
Torremolinos X X


If you have any other flea market or flea market you would like to recommend, I invite you to leave us a comment. In the end, it’s all about putting a lot of good options on the table for an enjoyable day out.