Whether you are from Estepona or you are visiting here, you may want special gifts, with personality and that remind you of Estepona. The gifts that we propose are not the typical sun and beach that everyone can think, we have made a selection, with great affection, of curiosities and products of our people or that are in one way or another related to our people.

Here are ten typical and not so typical gifts from Estepona that you will surely like:

1. Monopoly España.

This special edition of Monopoly includes Estepona among its streets, being this the most desired square. Because yes, in Monopoly Estepona is the most expensive city in Spain. This board game will always remind us how precious our town is, even in fiction.

2.Cerveza Año Cero.

Año Cero is a craft beer made by neighbors from Estepona that was born in June 2020, just after months of confinement due to the pandemic. This way we can better understand its slogan: Craft Beer to start over. To buy it you can go to Carrefour in Estepona, Tiendas el Copo or Puro Majar. You have at your disposal both Amber Ale and Lager, or as you would say in Esteponero language: Bermeja or Rubia.

Cerveza Año Cero

3. Jamones Popi.

If you have been in Estepona in August, you will have enjoyed the “Certamen mundial del Jamón” organized by our ham specialist Estepona. José María Téllez, Popi, is a professional cutter of this delicacy. You can often find him cutting and selling his own hams at the Carrefour in Estepona.

Jamones Popi

4. Books that happen in Estepona.

Estepona is a wonderful place to slow down and enjoy time, this has inspired several writers who have used our town as a place full of mysteries and events. Some of these books are:

The dark side of paradise

The Dark Side of Paradise, by Beatríz Aizpún Bobadilla

The Calabrese

El Calabrés, de Beatriz A. Bobadilla

History of Estepona

History of Estepona ancient and middle ages, by Teo Rojo

5. Maps of Estepona.

I’m sure you’ve seen the typical map of London or New York. You can also have it from Estepona. Pues también lo puedes tener de Estepona. And it is that of Estepona falls in love even his plane.

Map of Estepona

Estepona Wall Map

Map of Estepona Vintage

Estepona Vintage Wall Map

6. Hoodies and T-shirts.

A souvenir that never fails is a T-shirt of the place you visit and here it was not going to be less. In some local stores you will find the typical “I was in Estepona and I remembered you”, but if you want to send this gift to someone from Estepona who is far away, take a look at the ones we propose below.

T-shirt Made in Estepona

T-shirt Made in Estepona

Hoodie Made in Estepona

Hoodie Made in Estepona

Hoodie Coordenadas Made in Estepona

Hoodie Coordenadas Made in Estepona

Hoodie Estepona Malaga Andalusia

Hoodie Estepona Malaga Andalusia

Estepona Costa del Sol Hoodie

Estepona Costa del Sol Hoodie

7. Key ring of Estepona.

A small detail that fits in any suitcase and that will remind you of the sun and the beach of Estepona is a key ring. With this key ring you open doors with more joy 🙂

Key ring of Estepona

8. Aloe Vera.

Aloe vera is a plant whose substance is marketed for its cosmetic benefits. In Estepona is the farm of the Santaverde company where this plant is grown and from where the gel is extracted from the leaves of the plant in their laboratories. In Santaverde you will have the opportunity to visit the farm and buy cosmetic products, juices, fresh leaves and even an Aloe Vera plant.


9. Crafts.

Craftsmanship in Andalusia, and in Estepona in particular, is a typical and authentic gift of the city. Craftsmanship in Andalusia, and in Estepona in particular, is a typical and authentic gift of the city. From plates and mugs to handcrafted furniture, they make for a unique and lasting gift that will look beautiful in any home.

Souvenir Estepona

Souvenir Estepona


Knickknacks Shop

10. Local foods.

Finally, I recommend any of the products of the area, in the store Puro Majar in the street Gregorio Marañón 6, you can find all kinds of gourmet products from the Costa del Sol.

Málaga Virgen

Sweet wine from the Province of Malaga

Olive Oil

Premium Olive Oil from Malaga Province

In conclusion, Estepona and its surroundings offer a wide variety of typical and original gifts for all tastes. It is also possible to find more unusual options, but as the saying goes: to each his own. Whatever your choice, these typical and not-so-typical Estepona gifts are a great way to take home a piece of this beautiful region.