If you are looking for a nudist beach in Estepona, you have come to the right place. Just 8 kilometers from this beautiful town of Malaga, you will find the best option to enjoy naturism in a relaxed and carefree environment.

Arroyo Vaquero beach, also known as Costa Natura beach or Guadalobón beach, is the oldest naturist center in Spain. It is a center approved by the Spanish Naturism Federation (FEN) and by the Naturism International Federation (FNI). Along more than two and a half kilometers of beach, you can practice nudism in a relaxed and familiar atmosphere. In summer, all kinds of activities are organized and in winter it is a very quiet place where it is easy to find retirees who have established their permanent residence in this area.

What is Arroyo Vaquero beach like?

The sand of Arroyo Vaquero beach is dark gray and extends for 2,500 meters, with an average width of 20 meters. There are no lifeguards or showers. The waves are usually moderate and the water temperature, as in all the beach of Estepona, is cold. It is around 20.2 ºC in summer and drops to 15.5ºC in winter. The seabed is rocky and if you like diving you will love it. It has direct access to the beach and parking is easy.

In Costa Natura you will find a naturist urbanization with more than 100 fully furnished apartments facing the sea, a private swimming pool of 22 meters and a restaurant service with a wide range of international cuisine and wine selection available to all guests.

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Other nudist beaches in the province of Malaga.

On the Costa del Sol, there are many nudist beaches that are very popular among nudist lovers. In the province of Malaga, we have the following:

      • Beach of Arroyo Vaquero, in Estepona
      • Benalnatura Beach, in Benalmádena
      • Guadalmar Beach, in Malaga
      • Artola Beach, in Marbella
      • Playamarina Beach, in Mijas
      • Cala del Pino, in Nerja
      • Almayate Beach, in Vélez-Málaga

These beaches are usually very quiet and surrounded by a stunning natural environment, which makes them perfect for those looking for an escape from the city and routine.

What is nudism?

Nudism is an activity that some people love, and others may find a little more challenging. It consists of nudity in public, without any sexual intention. Many people enjoy nudism because they feel a great liberation from being in direct contact with nature and feeling the sun and wind on their skin. In addition, nudism can also be a way to connect with others who share the same philosophy of life.

Naturism is a way of living in harmony with nature, characterized by the practice of communal nudity, with the aim of promoting respect for oneself, for others and for the environment (definition of Naturism – Congress of the FNI-INF Cap d’Agde, July 1974).

Is nudism allowed in Spain?

Nudism is fully legal and permitted in Spain. In fact, with the law in hand, it is no longer correct to speak of “nudist beaches”, but at most of “beaches of nudist tradition”, since in reality all of them are. All are free to use without any limitation as to the use of clothing. Only a few municipalities (very few) have enacted ordinances limiting nudism on beaches.

If you are interested in trying nudism, it is important that you respect some rules. Here are the most important ones:

  • No photographs or videos may be taken without the explicit permission of all persons involved.
  • Public sex, obscene acts or exhibitionism are not permitted.
  • It is important to respect the personal space of others and not invade their privacy.
  • Also, respect the environment and do not leave garbage on the beach.

Nudism is an ideology, any nudist is a nudist without having to be naked, it is a way of life and perception of nudity.

Other nudist beaches in Andalusia that you cannot miss.

There are many beaches of nudist tradition in Andalusia. Here we highlight some particularly beautiful ones:

  • Playa de Mónsul: in Cabo de Gata, next to Playa de los Genoveses. It is part of the Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve.
  • Playa de Bolonia: if you like wind-surfing there is no better beach. It is protected by the Junta de Andalucía.
  • Nueva Umbría beach: a virgin beach located in the Marismas del Piedras Natural Park and El Rompido arrow. Impressive.
  • Playa de los Muertos: also in Cabo de Gata, next to the cement factory. A unique paradise in the world.

So much for our review of nudist beaches. As you can see, starting from Arroyo Vaquero and ending wherever you want, there are many good options to practice naturism in Spain.

If you are interested in this topic, we recommend that you visit the website https://naturismo.org/.