Estepona is a reference in many aspects and being from Estepona is a source of pride. But what is Estepona famous for? The answer to this simple question is “for a lot of reasons”. Below, we have compiled up to thirty. Can you think of any more?


1. For their personalities.

Fortunately, in this land we have famous people proud of their origins who carry the name of Estepona all over the world. Ana Mena may be the latest to rise to stardom, but she has been preceded by many other wet butts who have done their bit to make the Garden of the Costa del Sol such a desirable destination.

2. Because of the Plaza de las Flores.

If we ask any tourist which part of Estepona they like the most, many of them will choose the Plaza de las Flores. A meeting place for decades and the nerve center of Estepona, this square is witness to the life of Estepona from early in the morning until late at night.

Old town of Estepona

3. Because of its old town.

A village of white houses and flower pots is not the most common thing in the world. Strolling through the streets of the historic center is to understand why Estepona is called the garden of the Costa del Sol.

Orquidario de Estepona

4. Because of the Orchidarium.

In Estepona you will find a unique botanical garden where orchids are the protagonists. Some of the species present here are very difficult to see elsewhere. This modern facility, with the central waterfall and lake at the bottom of the building is a very different tourist attraction from the traditional sun and beach. It is common to see groups of Asian and American visitors who come here to enjoy this corner of unparalleled beauty.

5. Because of its beaches.

More than twenty kilometers of beach in a single municipality is not seen every day. The beaches of Estepona are an attraction that, with the new promenade, has gone a step further to become one of the most beautiful attractions of the Spanish coast. In addition, it has up to 23 beach bars and allows you to enjoy all kinds of services and activities. If you like scuba diving, parasailing, or going out on a boat to see dolphins and dolphins, you are in the perfect place.

Another of the luxuries offered by the beaches of Estepona are the views. On clear days, Gibraltar and North Africa seem to be within reach. A tip: don’t miss a sunset over the Alboran Sea.

Paseo Marítimo de Estepona

6. Because of the Paseo Marítimo.

Between the Rada Beach and the Fishing Port is a promenade that is for many the jewel in the crown. In the mornings it is common to find joggers and walkers who want to enjoy the wonderful view offered by the Paseo Marítimo. Then it is the families and tourists who occupy the place and in the afternoon it is common to see terraces and stores full of passers-by and local and foreign Esteponeros having a drink. Finally, when night falls, the lighting gives it a magical touch (not to say that at Christmas it is incredible). In short, you can’t miss it.

Sendero litoral de Estepona

7. Because of the sendero litoral.

Little by little and stretch by stretch, a coastal path has been built that is the envy of any coastal town. It has even become an ideal route for the races organized in the locality. Half marathons can be done by simply walking the trail.

8. Because of the Dólmenes de Corominas.

Also called the Dolmens of Estepona is a site of more than 5,000 years ago. A necropolis that was discovered by chance while the AP-7 highway was being built and which has some of the best preserved remains from that period. If you want to spend a family day and learn a lot of things about our ancestors, the Corominas Dolmens are a must-see.

9. For its hotel offer.

The quantity and quality of the hotels on the Costa del Sol is well known. Estepona is no exception. For a few days with the family, it is ideal. But it is also a regular destination for soccer teams during the preseason and a reference place for congresses. The good weather that always reigns in Estepona combined with state-of-the-art facilities in every sense is another factor that makes this city an unbeatable destination.

10. Because of the golf courses.

Costa del Sol, Costa del Golf. This slogan says it all. Estepona has the best golf courses: Atalaya Golf Club, Azata Golf, El Campanario Golf & Country House, El Paraíso Golf Club, Estepona Golf, La Resina Golf and Valle Romano.

11. For its slide.

Although it has been removed, Estepona will always be the city of the impossible slide. Never before has something so banal become the front page of newspapers, the topic of news programs and the greatest source of inspiration for memes. But so it was and so it will remain in the memory of many as the reason that made Estepona fashionable.

12. For their parties.

Culture, tradition and of course entertainment and fun are guaranteed in each and every one of Estepona’s fiestas. Festivities such as the day of Carmen, San Isidro, Easter or the Estepona Fair have numerous activities that allow visitors and locals to enjoy some wonderful days.

13. For its restaurants.

In the old town and the fishing port is where most of Estepona’s restaurants are concentrated. In them you will find the most typical dishes of the area: fresh seafood, grilled, roasted or grilled fish, different types of rice, a wide range of classic stews and of course a good meat.

14. For its historic buildings.

La Torre del Reloj, the church of Nuestra Señora de los Remedios, La Casa de las Tejerinas or the Castle of San Luis are must-see places for anyone passing through Estepona. All of them have a great history and are emblematic sites not to be missed.

15. Because of their murals.

The route of the artistic murals of Estepona is composed of more than 60 works that adorn the facades of homes and public buildings with the color and talent of many artists, with different themes and reflecting everyday aspects of daily life, local traditions, familiar faces and abstractions. Artworks that make Estepona a museum city.

Is Estepona the most expensive city in Spain?

16. For its monuments.

Estepona has a great historical and artistic heritage. Strolling through its streets and squares you can find numerous artistic statues (La peseta, El turista, El dragón al sol, El Triciclo, etc.) and several civil, religious and military buildings (Casa de las Tejerinas, Torres Almenaras, Torre del Reloj, etc.) that are part of the group of outstanding monuments of Estepona.

17. For its climate and hours of sunshine.

Estepona has a wonderful climate practically all year round. It enjoys 2,850 hours of sunshine per year. It has 2 types of wind that are decisive for one activity or another. The Levante wind comes from the east and is cool and humid. The westerly wind comes from the west and is dry and causes a large rise in temperatures.

18. Because of its environment.

Near Estepona there are white villages that are worth visiting. These villages have a unique architecture, with white houses and narrow cobblestone streets. Many of them are nestled in the mountains and are surrounded by impressive natural landscapes, such as mountains and green valleys. From Estepona you can make many excursions where you can enjoy nature, do water sports and get to know the culture and heritage of Andalusia.

19. For its nightlife.

Terraces, bars and nightclubs where you can enjoy the best nightlife in Estepona. Both in the center and in the marina, you will find a wide variety of venues with different musical styles, with options for all tastes and ages.

20. For the variety of outdoor activities it offers.

Thanks to the fantastic climate, there are many outdoor activities that can be done all year round. In addition, Estepona has sea and mountains so the options multiply. Mountain trails on foot or by bicycle, golf, horseback riding, tennis and of course water sports and activities in the Mediterranean Sea.

21. Because of its proximity to Gibraltar.

Gibraltar is located 49 km from Estepona. The British rock has different tourist attractions such as the cave of S. Miguel, the castle or Main St., the main street of the city, where you will find a variety of stores, bars and restaurants. Of course, famous are the monkeys, magot macaques, which have made their home on the rock of Gibraltar and are a protected species.

22. For its gastronomy.

The gastronomic offer of Estepona is framed within the traditional Andalusian cuisine. Thanks to its location, in Estepona we can find dishes elaborated with products from the countryside and the sea. The country soup, the fried fish or the octopus from Estepona are some delicacies that you must enjoy.

23. For its Bullring.

Designed by architect Juan Mora Urbano and inaugurated in 1972, the Estepona Bullring is a unique building as the stands were built asymmetrically to create the maximum possible number of seats in the shade. It is not only used for bullfighting events but also for concerts, summer cinema and any other type of festivals.

24. For the espetos.

If there is a typical and traditional dish to enjoy in the beach bars of Estepona, it is the espetos de sardina (sardine skewers). Cooked in small beached boats filled with sand, this culinary technique allows cooking any fresh fish or cephalopod.

25. For its parks.

Estepona has a number of parks where you can take your children, enjoy a walk or read a good book. The Calvario and Las Mesas parks are good examples of Estepona’s green areas. The park of Los Pedregales, at the foot of Sierra Bermeja has a wide variety of services and is an ideal place to spend a day in nature and to practice numerous activities such as mountain biking, equestrian and hiking trails, always surrounded by a fantastic natural environment.

26. For its vocabulary.

“El esteponero”, besides being a person born in Estepona, is practically another language, with its idioms, its own words and its impossible pronunciations. Words like “carlitos”, “mistos” or “guarritos” or expressions like “coger balumba” or “estar al liquindoi” are typical and everyday in the Estepona speech.

27. For its flea markets.

In Estepona you have at your disposal, mainly, four fantastic flea markets and a second hand flea market. You can find all kinds of products (clothing, footwear, handicrafts, art, food, etc.) at very competitive prices. In addition, in the summer there is a night market on the Paseo Marítimo with books, costume jewelry and decorative objects.

28. For its variety of plans to enjoy with the family.

An ideal city to enjoy with the family. In Estepona there is a great variety of leisure plans: from visiting Selwo Aventura to marine tourism. Activities such as Paintball, Super Jump or Karting will delight young and old alike. In Estepona there is no time to get bored.

Castillo de San Luís (Estepona)

29. For its history.

The first settlements in Estepona occurred in the Paleolithic period. Since then, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Muslims and Christians have left their legacy in these lands. Important remains of these cultures are preserved throughout Estepona: Almenara Towers, Roman ruins of Guadalmansa, the Torre del Reloj, the Castillo de San Luis and a long etcetera.

30. For their pots.

In total there are more than 20,000 pots and about 3,000 planters that are distributed in the historic center of Estepona. This is what has been called the Costa del Sol Garden Project. And in the center of the old town, a square that stands out above all: The Plaza de las Flores.

Flowerpots in the streets of Estepona

In this article we tell you only 30 reasons why Estepona is famous, but we can assure you that there are many more. You have to come and discover them.