Leisure plays a fundamental role in the development and prosperity of cities that live off tourism, as is the case of Estepona. They are characterized by receiving a large number of visitors seeking entertainment and recreational experiences during their travels. This makes leisure one of the main motivators for tourists to choose a particular destination, becoming a differentiating factor that can influence tourists’ decision to choose one destination over another. Therefore, offering a wide range of leisure options is key to attracting and retaining tourists, as well as generating a positive economic impact on the city.

Estepona’s leisure options make it even more attractive.

A wide range of leisure options not only benefits tourists, but also the city’s residents. Provides opportunities for recreation, entertainment and personal development, improving the quality of life of the local community. Recreational and cultural spaces, such as parks, museums, theaters and cultural centers, contribute to the physical and mental health of residents and promote a sense of belonging and cultural identity.

Tourist cities with a wide range of leisure activities, such as theme parks, beaches, cultural events, festivals, vibrant nightlife, sports and outdoor activities, tend to be more attractive to travelers.

Origins of the sleepless night.

Among these activities offered, there are some that stand out for their originality or for their good reception in other places, and are repeated by the rest of the cities. This is the case of “La Nuit Blanche”, a cultural initiative that emerged in Paris in 2002, and whose success has led it to spread around the world.

The format is similar in all its celebrations and consists of inviting the public to enjoy a night full of cultural and artistic activities that take place in different urban spaces.

What is the Sleepless Night in Estepona about?

The idea behind the “Sleepless Night” is to offer a unique experience to the public, transforming the city into a great stage where different artistic manifestations are presented, such as music, dance, theater, cinema, exhibitions, installations, projections, among others.

During the “Sleepless Night”, public spaces and emblematic buildings of the city are transformed into cultural spaces open to the public, where you can enjoy free artistic activities throughout the night. In addition, museums, theaters and cultural centers are extending their opening hours to allow the public to enjoy their exhibitions and shows until the wee hours of the morning.

Since when has the Sleepless Night been celebrated in Estepona?

In Estepona it has been held since 2017, with the inevitable global hiatus caused by the pandemic in 2020, and with a varied theme in each of its editions:

In 2017 the chosen theme was “The Five Continents”, the following year (2018) the theme was “The Circus”, in 2019 “Flying” and in the failed 2020 “Stars“. In the resumption of this festival (2021) the theme chosen was William Shakespeare’s comedy “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and last year (2022) “Laughter“.

La Noche en Blanco de Estepona in 2024. Official program:

The Deputy Mayor of the Sociocultural Area, Paula Herrera, and the Councillor for Festivities, Macarena Diánez, have highlighted the importance of ‘La Noche en Blanco’ as a key event for cultural promotion and citizen enjoyment. In their statements during the presentation of this edition, they underlined the commitment of the Estepona City Council to offer accessible and quality activities for all audiences.

The Importance of Cultural Spaces

Herrera and Diánez pointed out that keeping museums and cultural spaces open at night not only enriches the cultural life of the city, but also promotes tourism and community participation. This initiative allows visitors and residents to enjoy a wide range of exhibitions and events at an unusual time, creating a unique experience.

A varied program for all tastes

The extensive ‘La Noche en Blanco’ program is designed to appeal to people of all ages and tastes. From music and visual arts to film and literature, the variety of activities ensures that everyone will find something of interest. In addition, the integration of traditional elements, such as the performance of Diana Navarro and the recreation of Concha Piquer’s songs, adds significant cultural value to the event.

Highlights and schedules of the Noche en Blanco Estepona 2024 (Saturday June 1)

The following is a detailed schedule of activities and performances to facilitate planning for attendees:


  • 20:00:

    • Storytelling ‘Dreaming with stories’, with writer Valeria Kiselova. Elvira Lindo’ Children’s Room of the Municipal Library.
    • Route through the Murals of Estepona. Starting point: Entrance to the Orchidarium.
  • 21:00:

    • Contest ‘What is your dream’ organized by RTV Estepona. Prize: dinner for two at the Mercado de Abastos.
    • Tasting of Petisús varied in the Plaza Antonia Guerrero.
  • 22:00:

    • Screening of the children’s film ‘Mina and the World of Dreams’ at the Botanical Orchid Park.
    • Concert ‘Dreams of light’ with violinist Elena Estoica at the Orchidarium.
    • Visual and musical show ‘Onírico’ in the García Caparrós square.
    • Vocal a capella concert/performance ‘A pie de cama’ at the Mirador del Carmen Cultural Center.


  • 20:00:

    • Parade with the Batucada ‘Bloco Eleguá’ in the García Caparrós square.
    • Concert ‘Music to dream’ of the Municipal Band of Estepona in the Plaza del Reloj.
  • 21:00:

    • Magic and Humor Show ‘Fantastic Dreams’ by the illusionist Nebek in the Antonia Guerrero square.
  • 22:00:

    • Concert ‘Dreams of light’ with violinist Elena Estoica at the Orchidarium.
    • Visual and musical show ‘Onírico’ in the García Caparrós square.
    • Vocal a capella concert/performance ‘A pie de cama’ at the Mirador del Carmen Cultural Center.
  • 23:00:

    • Concert by Diana Navarro at the Plaza del Ajedrez.
  • 00:00:

    • Theatrical guided tour through the Historic Center. Starting point: Plaza de Las Flores. Pre-registration at [email protected].

The diversity and quality of the programmed activities guarantee that ‘La Noche en Blanco’ 2024 will be a memorable night for all participants. The theme of dreams promises to add a magical and special touch to each of the events, making this edition an unmissable date in the cultural calendar of Estepona.