If you have a car, motorcycle, van, bus or any other means of transportation that requires fuel, this article is of interest to you. Gasoline prices rise and low The price rises every day and those of us who go from one place to another have no other choice than to put up with it. Within the bad, let’s look for the best way to minimize the damage. Can you imagine how nice it would be to know every day which gas station has the cheapest fuel for you? Well, read on because you can and not only in Estepona, but throughout Spain.

How to locate the cheapest gas station in Estepona? (Method valid for all Spain).

It is as simple as filling in the field with the town or zip code you want to consult and click ok. Immediately the list of gas stations corresponding to that query will be displayed with their address, the updated prices of Gasoline 95 and Diesel and the company that supplies.

Are these prices reliable?

Well, the truth is yes. The prices shown are derived directly from from Ministry of Ecological Transition. It is the official source, so you are supposed to be able to trust it. Important: the last column shows the date of the last update. It is usually from the same day or just a few days before (no more than a week) so there should be no significant changes. More importantly, the prices do not include the 20 cents/liter bonus set by the government.
Cepsa Estepona

Gas stations in Estepona. Addresses and opening hours.

In Estepona we have up to 14 gas stations: 6 Repsol, 3 BP, 2 Shell, 1 Cepsa, 1 Galp, and 1 Ballenoil. In the following table we include their location and schedules.
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According to the OCU, filling up at the cheapest gas station can save you an average of 15% on gasoline and 17% on diesel. On some routes, maximum savings reach 30%.

Fuel prices in Spain continue to break records.

This statement has been true for too many years now. And it doesn’t look like the trend is going to change any time soon. Just take a look at the evolution of the price of gasoline and diesel and compare it with the price of a barrel of Brent around the world. Don’t tell me it’s not enough to make you cry…

Other methods to find the cheapest gasoline wherever you are in Spain.

Google Maps

Well, like almost everything else in this life: ask Google. In this particular case, access Google Maps and you will find the gas stations near the chosen area and right next to the little icon it indicates the price of unleaded 95 gasoline. For the rest of the fuels, you have to display the fuel station’s data sheet. You just have to compare and see which one suits you best.

Gas station geoportal

The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism provides you with a website with updated prices for all types of fuel (I didn’t know there were so many). According to the website itself, the data is updated every 5 minutes.

OCU search engine

As simple as entering an address or zip code, indicating the number of kilometers around you want to search and the capacity in liters of your tank. Press the OK button and you will receive all the information (including the price of filling your tank).


It is an interactive website where you move around the map of Spain and it shows you all the service stations with different colors depending on the price of the fuel. You can filter by gasoline 95 and 98, and diesel A and B.

If you find this information relevant, we kindly ask you to share it with anyone who is going to get gas, because no matter how many 20 cents/liter discounts the government ‘gives’ us, the belt tightens everywhere. And it is not the same thing to “put on your belt”, which I agree with, as “tighten your belt”, which you can’t do any more.