St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17 and is Ireland’s national day in honor of the country’s patron saint. This holiday is commemorated with a series of events ranging from parades to festivals throughout Ireland, where communities show their pride and celebrate the country’s cultural heritage. From the St. Patrick’s Festival in Dublin with its grand parade to events in cities such as Armagh and Down in Northern Ireland, the celebration brings people from all over the world together to experience the famous Irish spirit. Estepona also celebrates Saint Patrick’s Day, read on and find out how.

Sharing cultures: Estepona celebrates Saint Patrick’s Day

The Estepona City Council has launched the ambitious program ‘Sharing Cultures’, designed to promote the integration and participation of foreign residents. The mayor, José María García Urbano, along with the deputy mayor Begoña Ortiz, stressed the importance of this annual project, which seeks to publicize the various customs, festivals and cuisine of the foreign population. The first of the events related to this initiative is the celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day in Estepona.

March 16, in preparation for Saint Patrick’s Day

Although St. Patrick’s Day is on the 17th, a day before the celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day in Estepona will begin. The inaugural event on March 16, will feature a vibrant concert of Celtic music by ‘Band O’ Leros’ in the Plaza Antonia Guerrero at 4:30 pm. The parade with the traditional Irish pipers ‘Sur Pipes Band’ will tour venues such as Banagher Irish, Fergusson’s, Healy’s Irish and O’Donoghue’s. In addition, Rory’s Irish Pub in the suburban area will join the celebration.

March 17, get your ticket for the soccer game

To make it even more special, participants will be able to pick up a passport in the establishments, with two stamps that will allow them to redeem tickets for the league match of C.D Estepona against Velez Malaga on Sunday 17. The initiative has the support of entities such as the board of CD Estepona, Suzuki Plaicar Costa, the Association of Irish in Spain ‘Irish Associations Spain’, the Peña de Estepona Guiris Reds and the five establishments involved. Don’t miss this multicultural meeting!

Pubs, bars and Irish pubs in Estepona

Estepona also has its Irish community. Among the organizers of the events, we are fortunate to have the majority of Irish venues, pubs and bars. Below, we present them to you:

Banagher Estepona irish pub

Banagher Irish

Banagher Irish Pool is a typical Irish pub located in Estepona since 2005, known for its lively atmosphere and fun. Open daily, this venue offers a wide variety of drinks including cocktails, world coffees and international beers, along with live streaming of the best sporting events. In addition, it stands out for its gastronomic offer with international and national beers, as well as for its festive atmosphere that makes it an ideal place to enjoy and socialize. Located at C. Adolfo Suarez de Figueroa, 8 in Estepona, Banagher Irish Pool is a popular destination for those looking for an authentic Irish pub experience.

Fergusson's Estepona


Fergusson’s Estepona, located at Avenida España 168, 29680, Estepona, Spain, is a popular pub in the heart of Estepona known for its cozy atmosphere and wide variety of delicious dishes at affordable prices. Noted for its hamburgers, lasagna and chicken wings, this place is ideal to enjoy with friends. The friendly and attentive staff ensures that guests feel welcome and satisfied. With special events such as karaoke and broadcasts of international soccer matches, terraces with excellent views and a wide selection of drinks, including authentic Guinness, Fergusson’s Estepona offers an unforgettable experience for locals and tourists alike.

Healy's Irish Bar & Restaurant Estepona

Healy’s Irish

Healy’s Irish Bar & Restaurant, a family business established in Cork, Ireland, in 1845 and still run by family members, has expanded its presence from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 2009 to our lovely Estepona. Known as the emerald jewel of the Port, this bar and restaurant has become a favorite destination for locals and visitors alike. With live streaming of sporting events and delicious food, Healy’s Irish Bar & Restaurant captures the essence of the “Craic”. You will find it at Avenida Luis Braille, 23.

O'Donoghues's Irish Pub Estepona


O’Donoghue’s Irish Pub Estepona, located in Calle Ensenada, 4, is an Irish-themed bar offering a wide range of beers and typical music in the center of Estepona. With a lively and friendly atmosphere all year round, this pub is a popular place in summer and in other seasons. It is recognized for its Irish authenticity and its nightly entertainment offer, being a meeting point to enjoy drinks, beers and cocktails. With a central location and a cozy atmosphere, O’Donoghue’s Irish Pub Estepona is ideal for those looking to experience the essence of Irish culture on the Costa del Sol.

O'Rorys Irish Pub

Rory’s Irish

If you appreciate delicious beer, Rory’s Irish Pub is the perfect place for you. The cozy atmosphere of this venue provides a relaxing environment for guests to unwind after a long day. Many customers praise the friendly staff at this establishment. It is an excellent option to have a good time. You will find it at Calle de Sabinillas, 10, 29688 El Paraíso, Málaga.

Saint Patrick’s Day, a date you have to mark (in green) on the calendar

In conclusion, the celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day in Estepona is an event that unites cultures and promotes integration through initiatives such as ‘Sharing Cultures’, highlighting the diversity and richness of traditions present in the city. With events prior to March 17, such as concerts of Celtic music and parades, a festive atmosphere is created, culminating with the opportunity to enjoy the soccer match of C.D Estepona against Velez Malaga. Irish bars and pubs in Estepona, such as Banagher Irish, Fergusson’s, Healy’s Irish, O’Donoghue’s and Rory’s Irish, offer authentic and welcoming experiences to enjoy Irish culture on the Costa del Sol. Don’t miss this multicultural celebration full of fun and camaraderie!