One of the least talked about pleasures is eating breakfast away from home. If you like it simple, start the day with toast and coffee. If you wake up hungry, enjoy an English breakfast in style. And if sweetness is your thing, how about a good chocolate napolitana and a freshly squeezed orange juice? Now that’s life.

Today I propose a different place to have breakfast every day of the week in Estepona. We will stroll through the center and let ourselves be carried away by various gastronomic proposals and unique flavors with a common denominator: to start the day off on the right foot. Here we go.


“One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast.”

Robert A. Heinlein.

Breakfast out in Estepona, Monday to Sunday.


Honoré Boulangerie.

MONDAY. We started the week in a traditional French confectionery and bakery: Honoré. A few meters from the beach, on San Roque street, we find one of those places that smells of freshly baked bread, cakes and pastries with butter. Open at 8:00 a.m. from Monday to Sunday. The staff is fantastic and despite the large influx of people at peak hours they always serve you with a smile.

If you are a brunch lover, Honoré should also be on your short list. And if you have an engagement and you don’t know what to take to someone’s house who invites you to eat, any of their sweets and cakes will make you look great with the hosts.


2. Avocado.

TUESDAY. In few places will you find a better setting for breakfast in Estepona. Located in the Plaza de las Flores, Avocado is one of those places in which any Esteponero has passed some time. Not ringing any bells? What if I told you that it used to be called Vitín Ice Cream Parlor?

They have some tables outside, right in front of the restaurant. If you have the opportunity, choose one of the ones next to the fountain, in the shade of the avocado tree. In front you will have the Hotel del Pilar and behind you the Casa de las Tejerinas. It couldn’t be better.

Los Rondeños

3- Los rondeños.

WEDNESDAY. If you feel like a good sandwich with a little bit of everything, here are a few that I assure you won’t go hungry. It is a place where it is easy to find all kinds of people (many of them from Estepona): the police couple, the workers of the last promotion who are finishing the final touches, a group of friends, the grandmother who invites the grandchildren to have churros for breakfast…

It is a very familiar atmosphere, a bar-cafeteria of yesteryear, with many tables and several waiters carrying trays full of glasses and plates as if it cost nothing to keep the dishes full. It is not uncommon to see people lined up on the sidewalk waiting for their turn to sit at one of the few tables outside. Just don’t expect panoramic views.

4- La Palma.

THURSDAY. Right next to the old Plaza del Huevo, on Terraza street, you will find one of the oldest bar-cafeterias in Estepona. A true classic. Due to its location, its clientele is usually a mixture of locals and regular customers with tourists visiting Estepona.

In addition to a spacious location, some of the tables in the Plaza Antonia Guerrero, the ones next to the parking lot access, are also theirs. It is necessary to see the walks that the poor waiters who serve them take. Coffees, molletes and some pasta are the usual suspects among a menu that has everything you need for a traditional breakfast.

5- Coffee Flavors.

FRIDAY. Spanish cuisine, with vegetarian option for those who wish. And yes, it’s also a good place to have your brunch. If you are undecided and don’t know what to order, we recommend the white cheese, turkey and tomato roll on cereal bread. It is delicious. You will find it in Gregorio Marañón Street, 3, next to Huerta Nueva Park.

6- Bar El caliente.

SATURDAY. We introduce you to another classic Estepona restaurant, which has been giving good breakfasts since the 70s. El Caliente, also known as “el calentito” because that’s the name of its sandwiches, is one of the must-visits on Calle Real. It is at number 68, two steps away from Terraza Street. It offers a wide variety of breads and ingredients. It’s virtually impossible not to find something on their menu that catches your eye.

For the undecided, a couple of recommendations: the special hot mollete (with egg) or the mollete de carne mechá. And to lick your fingers.

La Jijonenca

7- La Jijonenca.

SUNDAY. In the absence of one good option, La Jijonenca in Estepona, there are three. You can go to Calle Real, 83; sit in the Plaza Doctor Arce (for many Esteponeros, also known as the square of the posh); or visit the Avenida Juan Carlos I, in the local 16 of the Parque Central Building (just in front of the ambulatory).

Although it may seem at first glance that this is about ice cream (which is also) in La Jijonenca you can have your coffee with milk and your ham sandwich perfectly. They also have some pasta, although there is not much variety.

More options for a good breakfast in Estepona:

If you think that seven breakfast options are not enough, here are some other ideas:

  • Bar Cafeteria Hermanos Infantes, has very competitive prices.
  • La Granaína, special mention for the carne mechá.
  • Cafeteria Delta, ideal if you are visiting the Orchidarium.
  • Churrería San Isidro, in case you come back late from a party and feel like a chocolate with churros.
  • El Peña, very cheap, a reference in the polygon (or according to the vocabulary of Estepona, the polygamist).
  • Bar Las Niñas, in the Port. One of those places that has nothing, but it has everything.

So much for our proposals. Of course there are many other places where you can have breakfast in Estepona. If you have a favorite, we invite you to add it in the comments of this article. Thank you in advance and bon appetit!