Although, in the summer months, we are more inclined to take care of ourselves aesthetically because we show ourselves more, in recent years, the aesthetics related to nails has been a boom. In Estepona, you will find a wide variety of services and specialists dedicated to nail care and decoration. From high quality manicures and pedicures, to gel and acrylic nails with extensions and fillers. You can also enjoy semi-permanent manicures for long-lasting results and customize your nails with unique designs and styles. In this article we present some of these specialized centers. But, to begin with, let’s start at the beginning.

> There is a history to painting your nails

This painting your nails and getting a manicure doesn’t come from the 70’s, I assure you that you will be surprised when you find out how far back it goes.

Thousands of years ago, the appearance of the nails was already of great importance. 3000 years before Christ we were already embellishing our nails with natural pigments such as henna, and both sexes, it was not just a female thing.

Egypt, Greece and China

In Egypt, at the time of Cleopatra, henna was used to color the nails. Nails were of great importance to the pharaohs, who reinforced them with papyrus paper. In Greece men of power decorated their nails with gold leaf. And in China men also decorated their nails with gold leaf, as did the Greeks. Here the fingernails were long to show that they did not do manual labor and thus point out the class difference. The Incas were already decorating their nails with representations of eagles in the 15th century.

Here are some important dates as fun facts:

> As early as 1800, oil was already being used to prevent nails from softening or breaking.

> In 1900 women cut their nails with metal scissors and filed them with metal nail files. Nails were polished with creams and tinted powders to give shine and color.

> In 1920, professional make-up artist Michelle Ménard came up with the idea of painting nails with car body paint.

> In 1932, the first nail polish more similar to those used today was launched.

> The material with which nails are worked today was invented by mistake in 1957 when an American dentist tried to repair a damaged nail with the acrylic powder he used to reconstruct teeth.

>In 1982 gel nails were introduced to the market.

> 1985 surprised us with the first UV gels, which, unlike acrylic gels, do not dry in the air and need a UV (ultraviolet) lamp to harden them.

Today nails are an element that is given much importance and can even be a form of expression. You can have them short, long, colorful, natural, with designs…


Manicures and pedicures in Estepona

If you are in Estepona, don’t worry, it won’t cost you anything to find one of those places that leave you with fantastic hands and feet, suitable for any pocket…this is no longer a thing of the rich as it was in its origins.

We are going to leave you a list of recommended places to go to pamper yourself. It doesn’t mean that they are the only ones out there, nor that they are the best…they are simply some examples of the wonderful centers we have in this area.


Nail care and decoration services in Estepona


In Huelva Street, we find one of the locals who has been working in Estepona for more years. Since 2005, no less. Focused on hand and foot care, they also offer other services, although this is their specialty. In addition, they also provide training in this area.

They offer traditional, semi-permanent, extensions, extreme extensions, as well as extra treatments. Prices vary depending on the service you want, as well as the length of your nail. The weather also varies, so we recommend that you consult their website where they give detailed information on everything.



If you are passing through, with little time, it is something punctual or a whim of the moment, Nails Factory is your option, since it is a franchise, with perhaps less scheduling problems, and they do a faster service. In Estepona, they are located in Calle Real, near Avenida Juan Carlos I and have a corner in Carrefour. They also offer different services: acrylic, gel, semi-permanent enamel express… With more than ten years of experience as a company, they have 175 establishments throughout Spain. You can use their app to make a reservation at any of their stores.



It is located in Barcelona street, near Terraza street. Run by two sisters for more than eight years, they specialize in acrylic nails, semi-permanent nail polish, manicures, pedicures and make-up, beautiful by the way. They also launch quite a few promotions on their social networks, so it’s worth keeping an eye out.



Marian Ruiz, has been running this center, located on Silva Street since 2019. They perform different treatments besides hands and feet, although they are their specialty. Apart from using different brands on the market, they have their own. They also provide training. On their website you can see the prices and services they provide.



Located in Cerrito, this manicure and pedicure salon performs sculptured nails, semi-permanent polish, acrylic nails and fantasy nails. You can request an appointment at 662 22 76 19.



Another franchise that has opted to open an establishment in our town, in Málaga street. It offers manicures, pedicures and gel and acrylic nails in a cozy space, with a careful design and using top brands. You can hire different services, such as an express manicure that only takes 30 minutes. Another good option if you are passing through.



Formerly known as Lunares, they are now located on Veracruz Street. They have a very extensive schedule. They offer other services such as wood therapy, radiofrequency… but they are specialized in nails. They have an app to make appointments.



In Antero Street, if you want a service that treats you like at home, you have these two nice sisters. However, I recommend that you make an appointment in advance, as they are always full to capacity. Very competitive prices and quality. You can make an appointment by calling 671 96 15 05 and 689 42 42 51.

What do I do?

In Estepona, you will find a wide variety of services specialized in nail care and decoration. Here are some options that you should explore depending on your needs:

Gel and Acrylic Nails: Extensions and Fillings

If you want to have long and strong nails, gel and acrylic extensions are the ideal option. These salons offer high quality services in the application of extensions, as well as periodic refills to keep your nails impeccable and long lasting.

Semi-permanent manicure: Long lasting results

If you are looking for a long-lasting option, a semi-permanent manicure is perfect for you. With a wide variety of colors and designs, this technique gives you long-lasting results without compromising the health of your nails. Undoubtedly, an excellent choice to show off impeccable hands for a longer period of time.

Nail art: Custom styles and designs

Want to add a special touch to your nails? These salons offer personalized decoration services, adapted to your tastes and preferences. From classic French manicures to more creative and sophisticated designs, you can show your unique style in every detail.

Sculptured nails: The perfect choice to look elegant

If you are looking for long and elegant nails, nail beauty specialists in Estepona offer you options of sculpted nails, both gel and acrylic.

Brides: Special treatments for a special day

If you are a bride looking to show off flawless hands on your wedding day, nail beauty specialists in Estepona offer special treatments to make your nails look beautiful and elegant. They will take care of meticulous and personalized manicures that complement your style and highlight your beauty on that special day.

So, if you want to relax and enjoy expert care for your hands and feet, as you will see, in Estepona, you have it easy. While it is true that undergoing a nail treatment is a decision that cannot be taken lightly, going to specialized beauty centers guarantees the best results for your hands, both aesthetically and in terms of health.