This August 15, the streets of Estepona dress up to honor their beloved Santa Maria de los Remedios. The Brotherhood of Santa Maria de los Remedios is carefully preparing to pay tribute to the ancient Patron Saint of Estepona through a series of events that promise to fill with emotion and fervor to locals and outsiders.

It all begins with a popular Verbena, which creates a festive and joyful atmosphere in the previous days. But that is only a prelude to what is to come.

Exaltation of the Virgen de los Remedios of Estepona

Exaltation of the Virgen de los Remedios of Estepona

The Marian Exaltation to the Virgin is an emotional and solemn moment where the faithful express their admiration and respect for Santa María de los Remedios (Saint Mary of the Remedies). It is an act that moves and vibrates all those present, generating a feeling of unity in the community.

The triduum at the canonical seat is another fundamental component of this celebration. On those days, parishioners come to participate in religious ceremonies that symbolize the spiritual bond they have with the Virgin. It is a time of prayer and reflection, where faith in Our Lady of Remedies is renewed.

But the highlight of this festivity is undoubtedly the traditional kissing and the awaited procession. The church of Santa María de los Remedios, located in the heart of the old town, is filled with devotees who want to be as close as possible to their Patron Saint. Each kiss and caress to the image of the Virgin symbolizes the intimate connection between the believers and their heavenly protector.

The procession of the Virgin of the Remedies

Finally, the most awaited moment arrives: the procession. The image of Santa María de los Remedios leaves her church on a majestic float, escorted by the musical group “Virgen de Los Remedios”, which accompanies the tour with emotional melodies. The most emblematic streets of the municipality are the scene of this beautiful manifestation of faith, in which locals and tourists mingle in an atmosphere full of emotion and celebration.

For the inhabitants of Estepona, this festival is an opportunity to reaffirm their identity and traditions, while for tourists and visitors who have chosen this place to spend their vacations, it becomes a unique and enriching experience.

Poster for the festivity of the Virgen de los Remedios, Estepona 2023

During this month of August, the Real Hermandad Santa María de los Remedios de Estepona will pray the Angelus on behalf of all the sick.

Los Remedios Church, home of the Virgin Mary

The Church of Los Remedios has an outstanding facade with a semicircular arch, pilasters and coats of arms in the entablature. Indian features adorn the masks and there is a Franciscan coat of arms with a plaque from 1772 in the center. The cornice window has a floral motifs, similar to that of the Episcopal palace in Malaga. Three oculi decorate the facade, one of them larger in the center. The lateral naves have linteled windows and the lateral doorway has a semicircular arch and an upper body with a small temple crowned by a pediment and large pinnacles. The tower consists of four bodies, with bricks and ashlars at different levels, highlighting the body of bells with semicircular arches and a ceramic capital with zig-zag bichrome, emerging between four pinnacles of the same material.

A festival in Estepona that goes beyond religion

In conclusion, the procession in honor of Santa María de los Remedios is much more than a religious tradition; it is an event that unites an entire community. Every year, this emotional gathering is a reminder of the importance of keeping our history and roots alive, sharing with the whole world the legacy of Santa María de los Remedios, Patron Saint of Estepona.