The restaurants in Estepona are not very “menu del dia”, that is clear, but if you are looking for a cool place to eat during the week with a starter, main course and dessert at a price that will not break your pocket, there are well recommended options. We are going to give you a list of what we consider to be the ten best.

Best daily menu in Estepona

Below we show you the best menu restaurants in Estepona in descending order. But you know, to each his own.

10. Restaurante ALFONSO

Address: Calle Estebbuna, 45

Bookings: +34 951 96 54 16

[email protected]

Restaurant Alfonso, a good place with homemade food and family atmosphere located at the beginning of the ascent to the polygon, in Calle Estebbuna, 45. Its menu is priced at 13 euros per person. It stands out for offering traditional gastronomy of the region. With 15 years of experience, many customers choose it as their favorite to enjoy delicious local dishes. The unique concept of the place combines fresh products from the sea and the countryside, creating a pleasant atmosphere.


Address: Camino Padre Cura, 14

Bookings: +34 952 80 60 35

Tobalo Bar is a restaurant located in the Huerta Nueva neighborhood. Specializing in seafood, it offers a fairly acceptable menu of the day, as well as take-out options for home-cooked meals. With a focus on Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine, it is a place that combines flavors from the sea with authentic and practical options to enjoy both on the premises and to take away. A recommended option for lovers of marine flavors!


Address: San Juan Bosco

Bookings: +34 637 76 06 28

El Rincón de Andrés, under new management, stands out for its renewed enthusiasm and improved service compared to the previous owner. It offers a pleasant terrace and a menu of the day that is worth trying. Located on Calle San Juan Bosco, just five minutes from the center of Estepona, it is an attractive option for an enhanced dining experience. Don’t hesitate to visit and discover it for yourself!

7. Bar PEPE

Address: Calle Buigas, 9

Bookings: +34 951 77 46 00

Bar Pepe is a typical workers’ restaurant with more than acceptable homemade food and popular prices. It is located halfway up the climb to the polygon, offering a convenient option for those looking for a tasty and affordable meal in an authentic setting. A recommended stop for a hassle-free dining experience!

6. Restaurante SOL Y MAR

Address: Calle Real, 5

Bookings: +34 610 68 63 75

The Sol y Mar Restaurant stands out for its generous portions and friendly waiters, which makes it a place with a recommendable menu of the day. Its location in the heart of Estepona, in the middle of Calle Real, makes it our first recommendation if you are in this area. Do not hesitate to enjoy a pleasant meal in this establishment.


Address: Calle Tres Banderas, 31

Bookings: +34 952 80 21 11

The Bar Restaurant “Lo der Pepe y Antonio” offers delicious and varied homemade food at affordable prices. It stands out for its homemade desserts, especially the rice pudding, which is a real delight. In addition, the waiters are very friendly, but be careful, because they are so friendly that they won’t stop inviting you to have a drink until you say no! A highly recommended option.

4. Restaurante SAN ISIDRO

Address: Pilar de Farinós, 11

Bookings: +34 952 86 90 63

San Isidro Restaurant, located in front of the Mercadona on Av. Juan Carlos, on Calle Pilar de Farinos, maintains the charm of a classic menu bar despite the recent change of owners. It offers acceptable food at a reasonable price, adjusting to expectations. Highly recommended for those looking for traditional and affordable food.

3. Restaurante EL PATO PEKÍN

Address: Puerto Deportivo, Local 1

Bookings: +34 952 80 54 39

The Restaurant “El Pato de Pekín”, located at the end of the Marina, stands out as a different option compared to the rest of the list, as it specializes in Chinese cuisine. In our opinion, it is the best restaurant of its kind in Estepona. During weekdays, Monday through Friday, it offers a menu of the day that far exceeds expectations. If you are looking for an Asian culinary experience, this place is highly recommended.

2. Restaurante PEÑA

Address: Avenida J. Martín Méndez, 10

Bookings: +34 952 79 44 41

Peña Restaurant has earned the title of being the favorite place of Estepona’s workers par excellence. With an extensive menu of homemade food served in generous portions, it stands out for its location at the top of the industrial park, near the exit to the highway. The quality of its dishes places it among our first recommendations. Ideal for those looking for a tasty and convenient menu.


Address: Calle Zurbarán, 7

Bookings: +34 670 94 07 59

The Hogar de Pensionistas, located on Calle Zurbaran, very close to the Plaza Antonia Guerrero (known in Estepona as the old egg square), is at the top of our list for several reasons. The kindness of the family that manages it stands out, but above all, its price. While other recommended restaurants cost between ten and thirteen euros, this one offers a complete menu with starter, main course, dessert and drink for only 6.50 euros. Even shopping at the supermarket and cooking at home cannot be adjusted to that price. A real bargain that makes it our number one recommendation.

Menu of the day in Estepona

If you pass through Estepona and are looking for something good and cheap, you know where to look. And if not, you will surely find or know of other places where you can eat a good menu del día at a good price. We invite you to share them with us.

Bon appetit!