Estepona is a city that offers a wide variety of gastronomic options, from the typical Mediterranean cuisine to the most exotic and tasty Asian food. Estepona is a city that offers a wide variety of gastronomic options, from the typical Mediterranean cuisine to the most exotic and tasty Asian food. Among Asian restaurants, Chinese restaurants are the most numerous and popular, as they offer varied, inexpensive and delicious dishes. But what are the best Chinese restaurants in Estepona? Here is a selection of the 10 best rated, with a brief description of what you can find in each of them.

Best Chinese restaurants in Estepona

Below we show you the best Asian restaurants in Estepona. In this case we have not ordered them in any particular way. It can be just as good the first as the last. You know, to each his own.

Golden Sun Estepona Restaurant

Golden Sun

This restaurant is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Estepona. It is an elegant and cozy establishment, with oriental décor and attentive and professional service. Its menu offers a wide variety of traditional and modern dishes, prepared with fresh and quality ingredients. Its specialty is Peking-style lacquered duck, served with pancakes, hoisin sauce and scallions. Other highlights include spring roll, shrimp chop suey, Chinese vegetables and Golden Sun rice. Easy parking in the area.

  • Address: Centro Comercial, C. Benavista , Local 28, 29688 El Paraíso (Cancelada), Estepona, Málaga.
  • Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 14:00-24:00; Tuesday and Thursday from 17:00-24:00; Saturday and Sunday from 12:30-24:00
  • Telephone: 952 88 73 86
  • Web:
Restaurante Pato de Pekín Estepona

Pato de Pekín

This restaurant located in the marina overlooks the boats moored in the harbor and has a pleasant terrace. The restaurant is of great quality both in the food, the service and best of all the quality/price ratio. It offers typical Chinese and Asian dishes, with vegetarian and vegan options. Some of the most praised dishes are chicken with almonds, Peking duck, sweet and sour pork, spring rolls and shrimp.

  • Address: Puerto deportivo, local 1, 29680 Estepona, Málaga.
  • Hours: Monday to Sunday from 12:30-16:30, 18:30-24:00
  • Telephone: 952 80 54 39
  • Web:
Restaurante chino Mare Nostrum Estepona

Mare Nostrum

Mare Nostrum is also located in Estepona’s marina in one of the premises overlooking the boats. It should be noted that the service is very friendly without being intrusive. The food you can find is Chinese food of great quality and at very good prices. It offers an excellent variety of dishes, we highlight the spring rolls that are very tasty.

  • Address: Puerto Deportivo, local 10-11, 29680, Estepona, Málaga
  • Hours: Monday to Saturday 12:00-16:00, 18:00-24:00; Sunday 11:00-23:30
  • Telephone: 952 80 30 88
  • Web:
Restaurante chino Gran Hong Kong Estepona

Gran Hong-Kong

The menu has a large selection of Chinese dishes, making it a popular choice among Chinese food lovers. The restaurant is located near the seafront on Avd. Juan Carlos I, so sooner or later you can enjoy a walk near the beach. The restaurant is spacious and decorated in an oriental style. We recommend the sweet and sour pork, Chinese noodles with shrimp and fried noodles.

  • Address: Av. Juan Carlos I, 5, 29680 Estepona, Málaga
  • Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 12:00-16:00, 19:00-23:44
  • Telephone: 952 79 30 47
  • Web: ChinoGranHongKong
Restaurante chino Arroz Bar Estepona

Arroz Bar

The Arroz Bar Restaurant not only offers Chinese delicacies, but also has options such as sushi. It is a discreet restaurant that plays on misdirection with its name including “bar”, but it is a small restaurant in one of the typical streets in the center of Estepona. It is, above all, a restaurant serving delicious oriental food at a good price. We highlight the rice with egg, beef with chili and chicken with lemon. The sushi is also very good.

  • Address: C. los Reyes, 26, 29680 Estepona, Málaga
  • Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 12:00-16:00, 19:00-23:00; Thursday closed
  • Telephone: 603 17 10 35
  • Web:
Restaurante chino Mister Arroz Estepona

Mister Arroz

This restaurant is not in a tourist area of Estepona, it is near the San Fernando soccer field and just below the “Aires de música” mural. It is a restaurant that stands out for its quality with quality products and the friendliness of the waiters. The curry noodles and the veal are delicious.

  • Address: C. la Dulcinea, LOCAL 2, 29680 Estepona, Málaga
  • Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 12:15-16:00, 19:15-23:30; Wednesday: 19:30-23:30
  • Telephone: 688315584
  • Web: Google maps
Restaurante chino GuangDong Estepona


GuangDong restaurant is located in the Diana shopping center in Nueva Atalaya, between Estepona and Marbella. It is a family restaurant, whose service is unbeatable. The food offered is of good quality and very competitively priced. Our favorite dishes are the three delights rice and the shrimp with ginger, we also want to highlight the shrimp dim sum and the Peking Duck, these dishes are the must of the restaurant. The atmosphere is quiet and parking is easy in the area.

  • Address: Centro comercial Diana, Bloque 3 Local 20, C. Nueva Atalaya, 29680 Estepona, Málaga
  • Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 12:00-16:00, 18:00-23:30
  • Telephone: 952 88 53 69
  • Web:
Restaurante Asiático Xin Cancelada Estepona

Restaurante Asiático Xin

This restaurant is located in Cancelada, about 9 kilometers from the center of Estepona. The restaurant is small but cozy, with an intimate and romantic atmosphere and authentic decoration. Its menu offers varied and original dishes, fusing Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisine. Specialties include fried rice, beef with mushrooms and bamboo, crispy duck and lemon chicken.

  • Address: Calle Montemayor Local 4 y 5, 29688 Cancelada, Estepona, Málaga
  • Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Tuesday, 12:30-16:00, 18:30-24:00; Wednesday: 18:30-24:00
  • Telephone: 951 53 48 60
  • Web: Facebook
Restaurante chino Miramar Estepona

Restaurante Miramar

The restaurant is spacious and comfortable, with a classic and elegant decoration. The service is attentive and professional, the place is impeccable, and the food is generous and tasty. Its menu offers traditional Chinese dishes such as fried rice, chicken curry, chicken with peanut sauce and crispy duck. It is an excellent option to enjoy Chinese food in Estepona. Located in the Diana shopping center, parking is easy.

  • Address: Centro Comercial Diana, S/N-BL 1, 29680, Estepona, Málaga
  • Hours: Monday closed; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 13:00-16:00, 18:30-23:00
  • Telephone: 952 88 58 52
  • Web:
Restaurante chino King Sushi Estepona

King Sushi

It is located on the N-340 road, on the outskirts of Estepona on Avd. Litoral, an easy place to park. It is a fast food establishment with an a la carte buffet style, where you can choose from a wide variety of wok or grilled dishes, Chinese style food with Japanese options such as sushi. You can choose from 163 dishes a la carte and they are served to you at the table. You can also choose the menu of the day if you do not want to opt for the buffet option. Its atmosphere is informal and noisy, ideal to go with friends or family. Its food is abundant and its quality is intermediate. Its value for money is not bad, as you can eat all you want for about 15,95 euros per person or 21,95 euros for the weekend. Drinks and dessert are not included. Ah! Your food will be brought to you by a robot waiter!

  • Address: Av. Litoral, 4, 29680 Estepona, Málaga
  • Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 12:30-16:30, 19:00-24:00
  • Telephone: 952 79 68 99
  • Web:

Asian restaurants in Estepona

As you can see Estepona not only shines for its natural beauty, but also for its culinary options. Chinese restaurants in Estepona offer a blend of tradition, authenticity and innovation, ensuring that every visit is a gastronomic adventure worth repeating. I hope you like it and that it serves as a guide to enjoy Chinese cuisine in our beautiful coastal city.