The gastronomic experience is a fundamental part of any visit and if there is one typical dish of Spanish cuisine it is paella.

Being orthodox, according to the RAE, paella is a dry rice dish, with meat, fish, seafood, legumes, etc., characteristic of the Valencian region of Spain.

However, all Spanish regions have adopted this term to refer to the dish whose main ingredient is rice, varying in each one the type and quantity of ingredients.

On the other hand, paella is also known as the container where rice is cooked, generally a wide pan with handles.

Did you know that… On November 9, 2021 paella was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest.

Estepona has a great fishing tradition and its restaurants have a first quality raw material to cook the best rice dishes.

The diversity of places to enjoy a good paella in Estepona reflects the richness of its gastronomic culture. Whether in the charm of the old town or by the sea at the marina, Estepona offers a unique culinary experience for rice lovers.

In this article we will explore some of the best places to taste rice/paella in Estepona.

Where to eat paella in Estepona… in the Old Town

The historic center of Estepona stands out for its white streets, full of flowers and life, dotted with terraces and charming corners. In the heart of the old town of Estepona, is located:



Address: Calle Caridad, 30, 29680 Estepona

Reservations: +34 952 79 25 38 – +34 676 10 99 40

[email protected]

It is a restaurant with more than 15 years of experience in the kitchen. It has a high quality product, with fresh fish and seafood, but also with selected meats. The restaurant has three areas: an indoor lounge, a terrace and an Andalusian patio. It has a great variety of rice dishes among which the Arroz a la Brasa con Presa Ibérica stands out. Special mention should also be made of the rice dishes (with prawns, lobster or fish and seafood). In its wine shop you can find more than 200 references of the best national and international wines with different D.O.

Where to eat rice in restaurants overlooking the sea or in beach bars in Estepona

In the same promenade of Estepona is one of the best restaurants in town:


EL PESCADOR Restaurant

Address: Paseo Marítimo Pedro Manrique 1, 29680 Estepona.

Reservations: +34 952 80 43 93

Directed by Alfonso, they base all their cuisine on the quality of the product with good fish and seafood. The restaurant has an indoor lounge and a large terrace located on the seafront promenade of Estepona. Its Arroz Caldoso con Carabineros and Arroz a la banda are mythical.


LA GAMBA Restaurant

Address: Av. Litoral 45, 29680 Estepona.

Reservations: +34 952 80 56 07

Spectacular corner at the end of the Rada beach by the sea with spectacular views of the entire bay. The rice dishes are one of their specialties, black rice, seafood, etc. but if there is one that stands out is the rice with lobster.



Address: Paseo Marítimo Pedro Manrique 30, 29680 Estepona.

Reservations: +34 952 113 980

Family company that started as a business in 1997. It is one of the best beach bars in Estepona, where its cuisine has nothing to envy to that of any restaurant in town. Typical dishes such as rice, fried food and the famous espeto de sardinas are offered, without forgetting some meat proposals, as well as options for the little ones with its children’s menu. As for the subject at hand, we recommend its Black Rice.



Address: Carretera N-340 KM-161.Playa del Velerín, Estepona.

Reservations: +34 654 38 09 31

A few minutes from Estepona, towards San Pedro de Alcántara, located on the beach of Velerín, is the Chiringuito Torre Velerín. It is a beach bar specialized in paellas and fish on the spit.

It has just been refurbished and has an indoor restaurant, terrace and tables directly on the sand of the beach. It is an excellent option to enjoy a good rice next to the sea.

Where to eat paella in the Estepona Marina

The Estepona Marina has unbeatable views that will help you get lost in the Mediterranean. The relaxed atmosphere and harbor views make for an unforgettable dining experience.

EL PALANGRE Restaurant

Puerto Deportivo local 1B 2B, 29680 Estepona

Reservations: +34 952 80 58 57

After its change of location to the Marina of Estepona, it has become a charming place where you can eat one of the best and most picturesque rice dishes, its Arroz Negro con Carabineros y Chocos (black rice with prawns and cuttlefish). A spectacular mixture of flavors that make it a very tasty dish. A real spectacle for the palates. The rest of the menu will also surprise you.



Address: Avenida Luis Braille, locales 38 y 39b, 29680 Estepona

Reservations: +34 952 79 63 07

Restaurant with good views of the marina, specializing in fish, seafood and rice. They have a wide variety of rice dishes, although many are those who criticize the lack of flavor of some of them. On the contrary, many other people praise their quality. You will have to go there to give your opinion….

Where to eat rice away from the most touristic areas of Estepona

Outside the main tourist areas, Estepona has other highly recommended options to enjoy rice. Here is our recommendation.



Address: Calle Manuel Navarro Mollor 8, 2968 Estepona

Reservations: +34 658 18 22 85

[email protected]

Small place without terrace, but with the best variety of rice dishes in the area.

It has a home cooking where the López family delights its diners with all kinds of rice dishes, where its broths stand out. You can find other specialties more typical of other regions, such as baked rice, Valencian paella, arroz a banda, fried rice or fideuá. The homemade appetizers and desserts will also surprise you.

When you visit Estepona, be sure to explore these options and savor the authentic rice dishes, enjoying an unforgettable culinary experience. Surely you find or know other places to eat a good rice, cheer up and tell us about it.

Enjoy your meal and don’t forget to comment!