With the arrival of spring and the good weather, we all feel like getting out of our daily routine and that can only be achieved by disconnecting for a weekend or a 3-day long weekend. If you still don’t know which city to visit, we have the right one for you. Pack your suitcase. The first thing you have to put in your mind is the desire to have a good time and we propose a destination that you will surely enjoy. Second, look at the map and look for the destination we suggest for that well-deserved disconnection: your new favorite destination is going to be ESTEPONA.

Surely you know it or you are familiar with it, it is a little corner of Andalusia, particularly the Costa del Sol. For some reason or another you have surely heard of our charming town. We have sea and mountains, a paradise that many do not even dare to dream of. And no matter where you come from, whether you are more of one thing than the other, the plans we are going to propose include both options.

Get ready for a great weekend plan that will not leave you indifferent. Keep reading… the good stuff begins.

8 options to enjoy this weekend in Estepona:

1- Playa del Cristo.

This is my favorite beach, it is a cove that is 500 meters from the marina and fishing port that we can access on foot perfectly. It is ideal at any time of the year because it is sheltered from the wind. It is very family friendly and perfect if you are traveling with children. It has several beach bars that offer lunch/dinner and leisure services (during the summer season). It has a wooded area that we, the Esteponeros, use to spend the whole day with our tuppers of tortilla and breaded steaks. In summer it tends to get very crowded, but if you arrive early you will surely enjoy its beauty and charm. From its viewpoint you can contemplate a wonderful panoramic view (photo at the top of this article).

Estepona coastal path

2- Coastal Trail Route.

It is a road to be traveled on foot or by bicycle. It runs along the seashore for more than 20 kilometers and will connect to the east with Marbella, more specifically with San Pedro de Alcántara, and to the west with our neighboring municipality, Casares. We consider it one of our lungs because you can tour our city away from the noise of traffic and with an incomparable setting such as our beaches. There is still a section to be completed, but you can now enjoy it almost in its full extent.

    Old town of Estepona

    3- Old town and its route of murals.

    For years, Estepona has been considered the garden of the Costa del Sol. Our network of narrow white streets are adorned with flower pots full of flowers, which make it a luxury to walk through such a charming place.

    You can get lost visiting the streets of our city and then stop at the Plaza de las Flores where you will surely find more than one terrace where you can rest to continue your route. Also, you will find the Castle of San Luis, the Clock Tower, the Church of Nuestra Señora de los Remedios.

    In Estepona we have more than fifty murals that will not leave you indifferent, we have become an outdoor museum, a new way to enjoy art. Artistic murals decorate the facades of buildings in different neighborhoods and areas of our municipality. Take a look at our article on the Route of the Murals and you will be able to locate and visit them.

    Estepona Fishing Port

    4- Paseo Marítimo and the Mirador del Carmen.

    It is a spacious promenade that runs along the beach of the Rada to the marina and fishing port, has 3 km that can be extended to the Senda del Litoral. It is the jewel of Estepona as it is open to the sea and you can enjoy all its charms, from spectacular sunrises especially in winter, to exercise your body and mind. You can enjoy it all year round, no matter what time it is, you will always find someone walking or practicing sports.

    Recently they have built us a tower called Mirador del Carmen. It is a building where you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea, read the following article to learn more about this project.

    Orquidario de Estepona

    5- El Orquidario.

    Strolling through the center and a must visit, for its majesty and because you can not imagine what you will find inside, is the Orchidarium.

    There is a great diversity of plants, about 5000, an interior surface of more than 1000 square meters and a space of 15000 cubic meters and approximately 1300 species of Orchids from all over the world. Different microclimates have been created, giving rise to a very varied and attractive botanical collection. Be sure to visit it, no doubt it will not leave you indifferent.

    Rada Beach

    6- Rada Beach.

    The most emblematic beach of Estepona and the most frequented by tourists and locals. Its extension is more than 2 kilometers long, its sand is gray and a moderate swell makes it perfect for a quiet swim. You can find a great variety of beach bars where you can have a cold beer and a “espeto de sardinas”, so characteristic of the area. You can’t leave without trying one.

    Buñuelos de viento

    7- Sierra Bermeja.

    Earlier we had mentioned that we also have mountains and you can not miss our beloved Sierra Bermeja. It stands out for having one of the largest extensions where a type of rocks of volcanic origin, called peridotites, has emerged. This material gives it its characteristic garnet color and, in turn, its name.

    You can enjoy a day of the most fun visiting this natural place of such majestic beauty. If you want to know more about our beloved sierra visit our article.


    8- Selwo Aventura.

    It is a theme park and zoo, of about 100 hectares of extension, which houses more than 2000 species that coexist in three different territories: the Portico de la Naturaleza, the Cañón de las Aves (Bird Canyon) and the Poblado Central (Central Village). In addition, it offers adventure activities such as zip lines, suspension bridges, etc.

    If you want to spend a different day, be sure to visit this park, you will surely enjoy all the possibilities it offers. In addition, if you are a nature lover and want to experience the park in more depth, you can stay at the exclusive hotel located nearby.

    We are waiting for you…

    This is our proposal to spend an unforgettable weekend in Estepona, whether or not you follow the indications that we have given you, we are sure that if you come to visit us you will spend some incredible days.