Estepona will present its Christmas lighting next Friday, December 1, in an event chaired by the mayor, José María García Urbano, in the new section of the promenade, opposite the beach bar “La Peseta”, with performances by the pastoral of Estepona ‘Nostalgia Christmas’ and ‘Jesus Cautivo’, as well as by the small Martina Perez, which will begin the Christmas period.

Inauguration ceremony at Avenida España

The lighting ceremony will be held on Friday December 1st at 19:00h in the remodeled section of the Avenida de España.

Christmas lighting will be present throughout the historic center, extending to less central areas of the municipality as Atalaya or Valle Romano and, of course, in Cancelada and Isdabe. Each year, as usual, the luminous forms that will adorn the streets with lights are renewed to avoid repeating designs that are too commonplace. As a novelty, this year, white and blue ornaments will predominate.

Lights with LED technology

All decorative elements feature LED technology.
More than 2,000 have been installed throughout the municipality.

Reinforced Lighting in Landmarks

This year, the lighting will continue to be reinforced in public spaces of great affluence, such as the gardens of the Botanical-Orchidarium Park, the Plaza del Ajedrez and the renovated promenade. These venues will host a variety of activities during the holiday season, offering residents and visitors unforgettable festive experiences.

What lights will there be in Estepona in 2023?

In Estepona, the municipality is mounting a total of 114 arches of lights of 7 and 5 meters in length, 333 ornamental motifs, 143 strings of 12 meters and 140 curtains and nets that will illuminate the trees of the main avenues of the municipality, as well as other spaces. Much of the lighting material is our own, leaving the lighting of the avenues and most important places in the municipality to the leading company in this sector, Ximenez Group. The company from Cordoba, specifically from Puente Genil, illuminates more than 250 cities around the world and has more than one hundred million light points distributed worldwide; it is present in the main capitals and in more than 15 countries, such as Belgium, Denmark, the United States, Norway, France, Russia, Panama and Romania.

Christmas lighting, basically, is like injecting coffee into the city, but with festive sparkles. No one wants a dull city during the best time of the year, right? It’s the official starting signal to get into festive mode. A call to action for everyone to go out, enjoy and share the vibe (Christmas vibe).

The magic of Christmas lighting.

There are those who believe that when a city turns on its Christmas lights, it is practically unleashing magic, transforming ordinary streets into fairytale landscapes, elevating everyone’s mood. It’s not just about lighting, but about creating an atmosphere where people feel the festive joy at every corner. Others believe that Christmas lighting manages to turn a city into a celebratory setting, reinforcing community spirit and making everyone feel part of something magical, as if the streets were saying, “Get ready to feel like you’re in a Christmas episode of your favorite series!”

Christmas lighting is basically the ultimate magnet to get people into “I want to buy everything” mode. It’s almost impossible not to get into the shopping spirit when the streets are so brightly lit and full of Christmas cheer. As if the stores say, “Hey, look how awesome I am with these cool lights!” and your credit card just jumps with excitement. The perfect combo of bright lights and irresistible offers that makes everyone think, “I need this right now.”

What does a Christmas lighting need to have?

A Christmas lighting usually includes several elements to create a festive atmosphere:

  1. Bright lights: Lights are the key component. They are used on trees, buildings, streets and other decorative elements to create a festive glow. In recent years, the Led has become the protagonist in this type of lighting due to its efficiency, economic savings and versatility when creating designs that make an impact.
  • Thematic decorations: in addition to the lights that illuminate the streets from above, other ornaments and decorations are usually installed: typical Christmas motifs such as balls, garlands, stars and figures representing Christmas motifs.
  • Lighted trees: Whether it’s a traditional Christmas tree or outdoor structures decorated with lights, trees are a key element of the holiday season. And if it is giant, all the better.
  • Light installations: Sculptures in the form of reindeer, Christmas balls, bells, mistletoe, or art installations that light up, often designed to depict Christmas themes, and contribute to the Christmas atmosphere. They can be found in squares, promenades and large places.
  • Architectural lighting: Highlight iconic buildings and structures with creative lights that follow a holiday theme. It is usually more common in commercial buildings, such as the decoration of the English Court, which is part of our most Christmas memories.

The combination of these elements helps to create a festive and attractive atmosphere during the holiday season.

Vigo, the beacon of Christmas lights.

Most cities excel in their efforts to illuminate their public spaces with creative decorations, vibrant lights and a festive atmosphere that attracts residents and visitors during the holiday season. Over the years, the investment in this type of lighting has increased, as well as the importance given to it as a tourist attraction and marketing tool. This is the case of cities such as Vigo, which is at the head of spending on street lighting during the Christmas campaign, with an investment of more than 2.37 million.

Christmas lights in Malaga.

Among the closest cities to enjoy this type of show is Malaga, which is in the top three cities with the best Christmas lighting, highlighting the light show on Calle Larios, which will be joined this year by the novelty of a luminous forest in the Alameda Principal, a drone show and the performance of the famous singer Luz Casal.

Another very interesting place to visit is the Botanical Garden of La Concepcion in Malaga. that has created a fantasy world in which angels are the protagonists and bearers of the Christmas spirit. The light show is called Angelical: The Kingdom of Christmas Angels and will be available from December 1 to January 7 from 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm. Ticket prices will be 14 € for adults and 10 € for children. In addition, there are reduced prices for groups of 10 people (30%) and on certain days 12, 13, 14, 19 and 20 December and 2, 4 and 5 January with the price of the tickets for a group of 10 people (30%) and on certain days 12, 13, 14, 19 and 20 December and 2, 4 and 5 January with the price for a group of 10 people (30%).Adults 12 € and Children 8 € and on December 4, 11, 18 and 27 and January 3 with special prices at 50%.