Estepona will host the Amputee Football Champions League. From November 10 to 12, the city will host the tournament organized by the European Amputee Football Federation (EAFF), in collaboration with UEFA and other institutions. This edition has the participation of teams from Spain, United Kingdom, Georgia, Italy, Ireland, Poland and Turkey.

An Event of Historic Importance

It is important to highlight the relevance of this championship, which is being held for the first time in Spain. This election is an honor for a town like Estepona, which will surely turn to all participants.


The choice of Estepona as the venue for this international tournament reinforces the city’s ability to attract and host top-level competitions, consolidating its position as a benchmark in inclusive sports and generating greater visibility for this growing sport.

Thanks to its quality sports facilities and its experience in the organization of sporting events, Estepona is positioned as a role model in the field of inclusive sports. The city has modern and accessible infrastructures, which makes it an ideal place to host this type of international competitions.

Host Team and Participants

The host team, Flamencos Amputados de España, is the current national champion. Other teams participating include Portsmouth Amputee FC (United Kingdom), Paris FC (France), Dila (Georgia), Sporting AMP FC (Italy), Bohemians (Ireland), Wisla Kraków (Poland) and Etimesgut Amputee Sport Club (Turkey).

Each country will be represented by its national team, made up of amputee players ready to demonstrate their talent on the field. It will be an exciting tournament where skill, passion and sportsmanship will be present in every match. This event will undoubtedly promote the integration and visibility of this sport discipline, allowing everyone to enjoy soccer in its most inclusive form.

Rules and characteristics of soccer for amputees

In this modality, rules similar to those of conventional soccer are applied, with some modifications to adapt to the circumstances of the players.

Here is a summary of the main rules for this type of soccer:

> Team and Players:

Each team is composed of seven players, including a goalkeeper.

Field players must have a lower extremity amputation.

Goalkeepers must have an upper extremity amputation.

All players use crutches, and prosthetics are not allowed.

> Playing Field:

The playing field is smaller than a conventional soccer field.

The exact dimensions may vary, but it is generally played on an artificial turf field.

> Duration of the Match:

Matches usually have two halves of 25 minutes each, with a break in between.

> Ball:

A standard soccer ball is used.

> Start of the match:

The ball is put into play from the center of the field with a forward pass.

> Offside:

The offside rule does not apply in amputee soccer.

> Substitutions:

Each team has a maximum of three substitutions per game.

Substitutions are made while the ball is out of play.

> Fouls and serves:

Fouls for fouls and unsportsmanlike conduct apply.

Throw-ins and free kicks are taken with the hands.

Corner kicks and penalty kicks are taken in a manner similar to the conventional rules.

> Goalkeeper:

The goalkeeper has a limited time to release or throw the ball after receiving it.

The goalkeeper is not allowed to leave his area, nor may he use his crutches to play the ball outside his area.

> Cards and Discipline:

Yellow and red cards may be shown for fouls and unsportsmanlike conduct.

The rules of discipline are similar to those of conventional soccer.

Advances in accessibility in Estepona

Estepona has carried out a series of actions aimed at improving accessibility in the city. Significant progress has been made to ensure that all people, regardless of disability or functional diversity, can fully enjoy public spaces and sporting events. These improvements include the adaptation of infrastructure and services, the elimination of architectural barriers and the promotion of labor, social and sports integration.

Actions for integration

The Estepona City Council has implemented several actions to promote the integration of people with disabilities or functional diversity. Labor inclusion programs have been established to provide job and training opportunities. Adapted sports activities have also been promoted so that everyone can participate and enjoy sports.

    • Labor inclusion and training programs for people with disabilities
    • Sports activities adapted and accessible to all

An unmissable date with inclusive sport

There are opportunities that happen very few times in life and this is one of them. Having the good fortune to be for three days the venue and the focus of all eyes of soccer for amputees is a source of pride for all Esteponeros. Write down these dates in your diary, because you can’t miss it: November 10, 11 and 12, 2023.