Easter is one of the most important religious celebrations in Spain and in Andalusia it is lived with special intensity. During this time of the year, Estepona is full of color and devotion with the processions that go through its streets. In this article, we offer you detailed information so that you can plan your Easter Week and enjoy this exciting holiday to the fullest.

Easter Week Poster Estepona 2024

This is the Estepona Easter Poster 2024

The group of brotherhoods and fraternities of Estepona began preparations for Holy Week with the presentation of the poster and the town crier in the parish of Los Remedios, after 12 years of absence in the place. The central work of the poster, by the renowned artist Carlos Torres, highlights the main figure of the group, Jesús Resucitado. Torres, recognized in Malaga’s brotherhood painting, incorporates symbolic elements such as the silhouette of a red banner and a sun, representing the triumph of life and justice.

Who is the pregonera of the Easter Week of Estepona 2024?

This year’s pregonera, María José Ramos, sister of the Cautivo and with a long trajectory in the group, expressed her emotion and anticipated that she will speak from the heart in the event that will take place on March 17. José Carlos Huete, urged the confreres to participate in Lent, stressing that the poster and the proclamation help to live Holy Week by focusing attention on the mystery of the passion, death and resurrection of the Lord.

The president of the group, Lorenzo Caravaca, praised the work of Carlos Torres and expressed his affection for the town crier. The ceremony was attended by the Municipal Band, which performed compositions in memory of the maestro Navarro Moor and also pieces by local musicians. The work of Maite Rodriguez, an employee of the Estepona City Council, as a link with the brotherhoods, was recognized. The event was attended by representatives of local brotherhoods and confraternities.

The Association of Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods of Holy Week of Estepona has appointed María José Ramos Díaz as pregonera for Holy Week 2024. José Carlos Torres, an expert in graphic design and photography, created the poster.

Easter in Estepona is a unique experience that you cannot miss if you are in the Costa del Sol during these dates. Its processions are an example of the fervor and devotion felt in Andalusia for this tradition, which combines religiosity with culture and art. We hope that the information about the schedules and routes of the processions that we have shared with you will be useful to make the most of this festivity in Estepona. Have a happy Easter!

Everything you need to know about Easter Week in Estepona (2024)

Welcome to a unique experience of faith and culture in Estepona where Holy Week comes alive with a fascinating blend of tradition and devotion. From March 24 to 31, our streets will be filled with solemn processions, exciting activities and meaningful masses, inviting you to immerse yourself in a celebration that transcends borders.

Proclamations and Exaltation

To express Christian sentiments in a Holy Week proclamation is to capture the very essence of faith and devotion on a canvas of shared emotions and beliefs. Its beauty lies in its ability to transmit the very essence of Christ’s redeeming love, awakening emotions, enlivening hope and strengthening the faith of those who listen to it.

  • March 15 at 8:30 p.m. in the parish of Ntra. Señora del Carmen: XXVIII Proclamation of the Costalero de la Hdad. Del Amor which this year will be carried out by Ms. Laura Camacho Lara.
  • March 17 at 13:15h in the parish of Santa Maria de los Remedios: the XLI official Proclamation of Holy Week, organized by the Association of HH. Y CC. De Semana Santa that this year will be made by D. María José Ramos.
  • -March 22 at 20:00h in the Parish of Santa Maria de los Rmedios, the XXV Exaltation to the Man and Woman Throne of the Hdad. De la Vera Cruz that this year will be carried out by Mr. Lorenzo Caravaca Díaz.

Palm Sunday. The start of a special week

Holy Week begins with the celebration of Palm Sunday, a day of great symbolism where we remember the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. From 17:00h, you can join the procession that starts from the Casa Hermandad located in the Pasaje del Cristo del Amor. This runs through the main streets of the city, with the little ones accompanying the Lord, dressed as Hebrews with palms and olive branches and a group of costaleras composed only by women, who are the only ones who procession to a holder of a Brotherhood of Estepona, the triumphal entry into Jerusalem “La Borriquita”. While the Nazarenes of Ntra. Señora de la Paz with their burgundy tunics and beige hood and cape precede the Paso de la Stma. Virgen.

Easter Monday. Preparations and Reflection

During Monday, the brotherhoods of Estepona are preparing for the upcoming processions. Throughout these days, you will be able to visit the temples and the Houses of Brotherhood and observe how the details of the floats and the robes of the brotherhoods are being finalized. It is an ideal time to reflect on the meaning of Holy Week and to admire the fervor of our community.

Holy Tuesday – Stations of the Cross

The Via Crucis, also known as the Way of the Cross, is one of the most emblematic devotional practices of Holy Week. It is a symbolic journey that represents the path of Jesus from his condemnation to his crucifixion and burial.

Organized by the Real y Antigua Hermandad de la Vera Cruz, in the Via Crucis the participants go through a series of stations or points that represent significant moments of the path of Jesus to Calvary women carrying the naked cross of the Holy Shroud in whose interior are the ashes of the ancient Christ of the Vera Cruz, destroyed in the Civil War.

The Stations of the Cross is a devotional practice that invites the faithful to reflect on suffering and redemption, as well as to renew their commitment to the Christian faith. It will start at 7:30 p.m. from Plaza San Francisco to El Calvario.

Holy Wednesday – Encounter and Spirituality

Holy Wednesday will be the time of the youngest brotherhood of our town, the Brotherhood of Ntro. Padre Jesús Cautivo y María Santísima de la Salud. The procession will begin at 20.30h with departure and collection at the Casa Hermandad in C/ Jesús Cautivo.

It is an opportunity to connect with the spirituality and devotion that characterize this celebration.

Maundy Thursday – The Night of Processions and Masses

Holy Thursday night is one of the most exciting nights of Holy Week. From 19:00 hours, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the procession of the Cristo del Amor and the Virgin Ntra. Señora de la Esperanza, accompanied respectively by Nazarenes in purple tunics and beige cap and cape and others in green tunics with beige cap and cape.

From the Casa de Hermandad in Pasaje Cristo del Amor you will be able to accompany the floats on their route, illuminated by the dim light of candles, gathering in the same place. The most emotional moment is lived in the “Encounter” of the Christ with the Virgin in the C/Terraza.

Good Friday – Reflection and Recollection

Good Friday is a day of deep reflection and recollection, in which we remember the Passion and Death of Jesus. The Procession of the Holy Christ of the Veracruz, Our Lady of Sorrows, Holy Shroud, Holy Burial of Jesus, Solitude of Mary and St. John the Evangelist will have its departure from the Parish Santa Maria de los Remedios at 20:30 hours.

It is composed of five thrones, four bodies of nazarenes, women in mantillas and four bodies of nazarenes, women in mantillas and four bands of music, which makes it one of the most numerous processions in Estepona.

This Brotherhood is the oldest and, therefore, the most deeply rooted in the town.

Resurrection Sunday – Joy and Renewal

Holy Week reaches its climax with the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus. At 11:00 a.m., you will be able to join the procession of the Resurrected Christ, which leaves from the Santa María de los Remedios Parish and goes through the streets of Estepona in an atmosphere of joy and jubilation, announcing the victory of life over death.

The organizer is the Agrupación de Hermandade y Cofradías de Semana Santa de Estepona is composed of the three brotherhoods that procession in the Holy Week of Estepona. Its titular images are the “Santo Cristo Resucitado” and “Nuestra Señora de la Aurora” although this year only the image of the Cristo Resucitado will be in procession since a new carving of the Virgen de la Aurora is being made.

Easter Week in Estepona 2024, an experience to be lived in first person

We invite you to experience Holy Week in Estepona, a unique experience that will fill you with emotion, reflection and spirituality! Immerse yourself in our traditions and let yourself be carried away by the beauty of this special celebration. We are waiting for you with open arms!