When the vacations arrive and there are pets at home, we have two options: either we look for trips where they can accompany us or we look for a place where we can leave them well cared for while we are away. Both options are great, it is up to each one, what is inconceivable is the abandonment of our pets at this time and unfortunately, every year, although it is incredible, during the summer months, we see how the animal shelters face an alarming increase in the number of abandoned pets.

In this post we are going to focus on where you can leave your pets in Estepona.

The best pet care options in Estepona: Trusted residences and specialized care.

CANGUDOG: Dog training and dog care in Estepona


In Estepona it is not difficult to see Paco walking a dozen dogs at a time. Not only can you leave your dog there for a stay, but they are dedicated to dog training, behavior and education. He does it with tremendous dedication and it shows if you meet him at the dog park.

DIAMANTES DEL REINOSO: Extensive facilities and breeding of American Staffordshire Terriers.


In Reinoso Diseminado, 308. With more than 4000m2 to run and enjoy, they are committed to send pictures and videos to the owners so they can see how their dogs are enjoying themselves. In addition, they are dedicated to the breeding and selection of the American Staffordshire Terrier.

HOME4UDOG ESTEPONA: 24/7 care for your dog


In Pista Colada de los Molinos. Customer service is available Monday through Friday, so if you need to drop off or pick up on weekends, it is not possible. They are dedicated 24/7 to the dogs they board. They warn that they must be sociable and be able to live together in a herd, although they do separate them when they are shy or of different sizes.

MY SECOND HOME: Dog-friendly hotel with all the amenities


Arroyo de Enmedio area. With more than twenty years of experience, they have created a dog-friendly hotel with individual rooms and rooms with their own patio. They have an outdoor park and an indoor play area for children to play and socialize. Apart from lodging, water and food, supervision… include long hikes in the mountains.

RESIDENCIA CANINA Y FELINA STEFANIE’S: A 5-star hotel for your pets


Stefanie opened her residence more than 30 years ago, turning it into a 5-star hotel, offering her services to a large clientele. Passionate about animals, she attaches great importance to the daily cleaning of the facilities.

HALCYON EUROPE SL: Personalized services and organic treats for your pets


In the area of Resinera Voladilla, between Estepona and Cancelada. Founded by Hadleigh Maddock, it is a company with many services for your pets, not only can you leave them there as a daycare for your dogs during a trip. They create puppy plans, take them to the vet, walk them geolocated and even have organic treats.

CAT SUITES HOME: A specialized cat sitter in a safe environment


At 100 meters from Diana Shopping Center, between Estepona and San Pedro de Alcántara, we find this specialized cat sitter service. They have individual houses with scratching posts, bowls, sandbox, toys and cameras. They have a quiet environment where your cat will feel safe. In addition, a protected terrace so that you can be free to be. If you are unable to bring your pet, they can pick it up at your home.

ELIPET: Ample land and swimming pool for your pets’ enjoyment.

In the Diseminado Bujeo Valeriano, its owners, Ana and David, have a large area where your pets can run and lie under the trees. They have a swimming pool where you can also take a dip. They are free to come and go, and are on dog mattresses.

JUNTO DOG TRAINING: Canine education and support for people with disabilities


In Calle La Moraleja, in the area of Bel Air, in Cancelada. It was created as an association with the objective of training at least one Service Dog per year for a child with autism or other disabilities.

They provide canine education services, work on separation anxiety, socialization, walks and daycare. The facilities are designed so that they can share spaces or separate them by size or age. They give advice on how to train and understand your dog and all to raise funds to train a service dog for a disabled person each year.

COMO EN CASA: Care and attention in an independent home for your dogs


Resinera Lane. Rubén has been taking care of pets since 2010, living with them in an independent house located between the mountains and the sea. Concerned about daily patterns of education and care. Walks on the beach, games in the garden and relaxation. They do not have cages and you can leave your dogs either in the daycare service from 11.00 to 19.00, stay or training.

Tips for caring for your pets during the vacations:

1- Plan ahead: Before you leave, make sure you have a plan for the care of your pets during your vacation. Decide if they will travel with you or if you will leave them in the care of someone you trust or in a kennel.

2- Trusted kennels: If you opt for a pet kennel, do your research and choose one that has good references and offers a safe and comfortable environment for your friends. Any of the following list meets the minimum requirements. Choose the one that best suits your pet.

3- Visit to the veterinarian: Before traveling, take your pet to the veterinarian to make sure it is up to date with its vaccinations and is in good health for the trip or kennel stay.

4- Prepare a travel kit: If you decide to take your pets with you, prepare a travel kit with their essentials, such as food, water, toys, their bed or blanket and any medication they may need.

5- Identification and microchip: Make sure your pets carry identification with your current contact information. It is also advisable to have a microchip implanted in case they get lost during the trip.

6- Leave clear instructions: If you choose to leave your pets in the care of someone, whether it is a friend, family member or in a kennel, be sure to leave clear and detailed instructions about their needs and daily routines. Include information about their feeding, walking schedules, medications (if taken), favorite toys and any other special considerations that should be taken into account.

7- Gradual adaptation: If this is the first time your pets are staying in a kennel or traveling with you, it is important that you gradually adapt them to the experience before the actual trip.

8- Exercise and entertainment: During the vacations, try to maintain an exercise routine and provide them with activities and entertainment to avoid boredom and stress.

9- Avoid leaving them in the car: This point is very important. Never leave your pets inside the parked car, even if it is only for a few minutes. High temperatures can be dangerous and lethal for them.

10- Quiet return: When you return from vacation, welcome your pets calmly and patiently. They may be emotionally sensitive after your absence, so give them time to readjust to their usual routine.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your pets have a safe and happy vacation, either by accompanying you on your trip or by staying in good hands while you enjoy your days off. May you all enjoy a well-deserved rest!

It is becoming more and more common to resort to kennels to leave our pets when we are away for a few days and cannot take them with us. It is a beneficial option, it is important that we look for the place that inspires us the most confidence and think about how our pet will feel there when he/she is without us.

We are sure that these options will help you make a choice.