Cinema has always been one of the most popular forms of entertainment around the world. Since its invention, we have witnessed a large number of films that have left an indelible mark on our minds. One of the most popular genres in cinema is horror and fantasy. If you are a lover of this kind of movies you must be excited about the XXIV Edition of the Fantastic and Horror Film Week of the Costa del Sol to be held next September 2023.

Fantastic and horror movies in Estepona.

The Costa del Sol Fantasy and Horror Film Week is one of the most awaited festivals by horror and fantasy film lovers in Spain. This film festival, which has been held in Estepona for more than 20 years, has become one of the most important events of its kind in Spain.

Thanks to this festival, the Costa Rican city becomes the reference point for Spanish cinema during its celebration. The notoriety of the competition increases every year thanks to the prestige of the films that win the Golden Unicorn, the first prize of the festival. And it is that the Estepona event started strong since the winning film of the first edition was none other than The Ring, a worldwide success of the supernatural psychological horror genre. Also awarded in the category of best series were blockbusters such as Game of Thrones, The Ministry of Time or Sleepy Hollow. But the list of illustrious winners in the different categories does not end here.

XXIV Week of fantastic and horror cinema of the Costa del Sol at the Clock Tower<br />

Costa del Sol Horror Film Festival Awards

The Estepona Fantastic and Horror Film Festival awards different prizes in both artistic categories (best film, script, direction, etc.) and technical categories (special effects, sound, makeup, etc.). These awards are known as unicorns since the festival is organized by the Costa del Sol Unicorn Cultural and Film Association, so the statuette given to the winners is in the shape of a unicorn.

In addition, the festival presents a series of special awards. The most important of all is the honorary Waldemar Daninsky Lifetime Achievement Award. It takes its name from the mythical werewolf played by Paul Naschy. This important prize has been awarded to personalities such as Álex de la Iglesia, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Alaska, Jesús Franco or Paco Plaza, the creator of the saga [REC].

The Unicorn of Honor Award has also been presented to Paul Naschy, Chicho Ibáñez Serrador, Christopher Lee, Carlos Areces and Manuela Velasco. Finally, the jury presented several special awards to Álex Angulo, José Luis Garci, the Indiana Jones film saga and, posthumously, Paul Naschy and Alfonso Azpiri.

    Godmother of the fantastic film festival of the Costa del Sol.

    The responsibility of being the godfather of the festival that, among others, has been in charge of personalities such as José Manuel Parada or Anthony Blake, falls this year on Laura Chaplin. The granddaughter of the legendary Charles Chaplin will be the master of ceremonies during the opening gala of the 24th edition of the festival on September 3, 2023. There he will attend the tribute to his grandfather, director and star of Monsieur Verdoux, a film based on the life of a serial killer, which will be the central theme of this edition of the festival in Estepona.

    Fantastic cinema in Estepona.

    XXIV International Fantastic Film Week of the Costa del Sol, organized by the Film and Cultural Association of the Costa del Sol “Unicorn”, in collaboration with the Delegation of Culture of Estepona.


    > Opening Conversation “Inside the Killer’s Mind” with the participation of JOSÉ IGNACIO DEL PINO, ITZÍAR CON Z and FRANCISCO QUINTERO.
    > Unicorn of Honor Award 2023 awarded to MICK GARRIS.
    > Figure of honor of the Festival, LAURA CHAPLIN.
    > ASFAAN Award presented to CRISTINA MEDINA.
    > XIV Gastronomic Days in Estepona. The restaurants Casafina, Take a Wine and La Boquerona are participating.
    > Recognition of the “V” Series with the Classical TV is Fantastic Award.
    > Special Jury Prize “MMCSO” awarded to ANÍBAL SOTO.
    > Special Jury Recognition for JAVIER BÓDALO.
    > AZPIRI Award for Best Graphic Illustrator, shared by IDÍGORAS and PACHI.
    > Commemorative publication entitled “THE MARK OF THE MURDERER”. Exhibition: “LETTERS vs PHOTOGRAMS”.
    Screenings of the OFFICIAL and PARALLEL Sections.
    > Closing Gala presented by LARA DIBILDOS, with the participation of VÍCTOR LEMES.

    Estepona, a movie town.

    The relationship between the city and the cinema is not new. The beauty of its beaches and streets has made it the setting for countless films, series and documentaries, which, together with its excellent services and infrastructure, makes it the perfect place to hold a film festival. If you want to know more about Estepona’s close relationship with cinema read our article Estepona, a movie destination.