With the purpose of instilling festive spirit and joy in the hearts of the inhabitants of Estepona, the City Council has unveiled an extensive and diversified program of events. All of them have been carefully designed to celebrate the holiday season. This compendium of activities encompasses a wide range of cultural and leisure options, aimed at creating a festive atmosphere that encompasses both young and old.

From the inaugural lighting of the Christmas lights to the majesty of the Three Kings Cavalcade, this program seeks to envelop the city in an atmosphere of magic and community unity.

You can download the official Christmas program of Estepona 2023, here below:

Switching on of Christmas lights and inaugural events

The program kicked off on December 1 with the lighting of the Christmas lights on Avenida España at 7:00 pm. In addition, the following day the inauguration of the new ‘Parque de la Hermandad’ was celebrated, with a day full of activities for the whole family. But that’s just the beginning. As he said… don’t leave yet, there is still more.

Performances at the Felipe VI Auditorium in Estepona

The Felipe VI Auditorium becomes the epicenter of a variety of performances, from tributes to Queen and Mecano to ballets and concerts. Don’t miss the show ‘Don’t Touch My Fairy Tale’, ballets such as ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and ‘The Nutcracker’, and the impressive ‘Grand Acrobatic Circus of China’.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve concerts in Estepona

The Auditorium will host the traditional extraordinary Christmas concert on December 16, together with the Christmas Proclamation. Don’t miss the ‘New Year’s Concert’ on January 4, which will close the performances with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Malaga.

Christmas in Estepona is lived in the squares

The Plaza del Ajedrez and Plaza Antonia Guerrero will host events such as the ‘Santa Claus Christmas Village’, the Zambomba with ‘El Sopa y Familia’, and the Christmas Book Fair. The VIII Cheese Fair ‘Popi, Taste of Malaga’. will also be a meeting point from December 14 to 17.

Celebrations in Cancelada and Nueva Atalaya

In addition to the center, the suburban areas will also enjoy the festivities, with the Zambombá Flamenca in Cancelada and the representation of the Living Nativity Scene in Nueva Atalaya.

Farewell to the New Year in Estepona at the Clock Square

Events to bid farewell to 2023 will include the New Year’s Eve Fiesta Popular at the Plaza del Reloj on December 31, with cotillion, chimes and fireworks.

Reception of the Three Wise Men

On January 3 begins the children’s party par excellence with the delivery of letters to the Royal Postman in the Plaza Antonia Guerrero. It will culminate on January 5 with the reception of the Three Wise Men and the great Cavalcade at 5:00 p.m. at the Parque Ferial.

Estepona is filled with magic and joy this Christmas full of events for everyone!

If you are one of those who think that there is no good celebration without a good mealstop by here. And if you are Christmas contests, don’t miss the one we have in Estepona… By the way, whatever your case is, what you won’t get rid of is the Christmas carols. Christmas carols.