The request for an appointment for the ITV in Estepona can be made by telephone or through the internet. By telephone, please call the number provided during office hours: +34 959 999 999. By internet, it can be done through the VEIASA portal. It is important to take into account the opening hours of the ITV station, which vary according to the season. In addition, you must have the necessary documents, such as the vehicle registration certificate and the vehicle’s technical data sheet. Prices and rates for different types of vehicles are also available.

How to request an appointment for the ITV in Estepona

If you need to request an appointment for the ITV in Estepona, you have two options available: by phone or online. Here is how to perform both procedures:

By phone

To request an appointment by phone, you can call the contact number provided by VEIASA: +34 959 999 999. The staff will be available during office hours to answer your call and handle your request for an appointment for the ITV in Estepona.


Another easy way to request your appointment is through the Internet. To do so, you can access the official VEIASA website, where you will find a specific section for requesting appointments. Once inside, you will have to fill in the required information, such as your vehicle registration number and your personal data. The system will then show you the dates and times available for you to choose the one that best suits your needs. Once you have selected the appointment, you will receive a confirmation with the appointment details.

Remember that it is important to make an appointment for the ITV in Estepona, as this will allow you to avoid long waits and speed up the process of checking your vehicle.

ITV Estepona

Estepona ITV station opening hours

The ITV station in Estepona has inspection schedules that vary according to the season.

Winter schedules

At the Estepona ITV station, winter hours are from Monday to Friday from 6:45 am to 8:15 pm, which provides ample time availability for inspections. On Saturdays, the hours are from 7:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m., allowing users to be served during the morning.

Summer schedules

During the summer season, the opening hours of the ITV station in Estepona are adjusted to suit the weather conditions and the needs of the users. During weekdays, the station is open from 7:45 a.m. to 2:45 p.m., offering service throughout the morning and into the early afternoon. On Saturdays, the hours are from 7:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m., ensuring that drivers can perform their inspections during that time slot.

It is important to take into account these schedules to plan the visit to the ITV station in Estepona to ensure that the inspection can be carried out at the time that best suits the needs of each driver.

Documents required for the technical inspection of vehicles

To perform the technical inspection of the vehicle at the ITV in Estepona, it is necessary to have the following documents:

Registration certificate

The vehicle registration certificate is a mandatory document that certifies the ownership of the vehicle. You should be sure to bring it with you at the time of inspection. This document contains relevant information about the vehicle, such as make, model, VIN and license plate number.

Vehicle data sheet

The vehicle’s technical data sheet is another essential document for the technical inspection. This document details the technical characteristics of the vehicle, such as fuel type, power, number of seats and weight. Make sure that you have the technical data sheet up to date and in good condition.

Proof of current insurance

Proof of current insurance is required to verify that the vehicle is insured. You must carry with you the document proving that the insurance is in force, in case you are asked for it during the inspection.

Driver’s ID

It is important to carry with you the ID card or identification document of the driver of the vehicle. The MOT inspector may request it to check the driver’s identity.

Remember that these documents are mandatory and must be in order to perform the technical inspection of your vehicle at the ITV in Estepona. Verify that you have them with you before going to the appointment to avoid mishaps.

Inspection prices and fees according to vehicle type

When performing the technical inspection of a vehicle at the ITV in Estepona, it is important to take into account the prices and rates that apply depending on the type of vehicle. The following are the different categories and their corresponding prices:

  • Passenger cars: The price for passenger cars that comply with the established inspection dates is 39.41 euros. In case of non-compliance with the dates, the price is 54.40 euros.
  • Motorcycles: For motorcycles whose weight does not exceed 350 kg, the price is 21.63 euros if the revision dates are met. If they are not complied with, the price amounts to 30.13 euros.
  • Heavy vehicles: Heavy vehicles up to 3,500 kg are priced at 50.30 euros if done on the corresponding dates. Otherwise, the price is 70.95 euros.
  • Buses and coaches: For buses and coaches, the price is 98.39 euros if the revision dates are met. Otherwise, the price increases to 136.93 euros.
  • Trailers: Trailers weighing less than 750 kg are priced at 18.38 euros if within the established time limits. If the time is exceeded, the price is 25.69 euros.

It is essential to bear in mind that these rates may vary depending on the discounts or surcharges applied. Therefore, it is advisable to consult previously the updated prices before going to the ITV in Estepona.

Tips for making appointments and avoiding long waits

Requesting an appointment for the ITV in Estepona can be a simple process if you follow some practical tips. Below are some recommendations to speed up the process and avoid long waits:

Plan ahead

It is important to plan the ITV with sufficient time to avoid mishaps. Evaluate when your vehicle’s roadworthiness inspection is due and make your appointment at least two weeks in advance to ensure you get a convenient time.

Use the online appointment service

For added convenience, the online appointment service is an excellent option. Access the VEIASA portal and follow the steps to book your appointment at the ITV station in Estepona. Remember to have the necessary documents on hand to expedite the process.

Avoid peak hours

To avoid long waits, try to schedule your appointment at less crowded times. In general, mornings tend to be busier than afternoons. Opt for times in between or near the close of the day to reduce waiting time.

Find out about inspection schedules

Each ITV station has its own defined working hours, so it is essential to know when they are open for inspections. In the case of Estepona, schedules vary according to the season, so it is important to be aware of the winter and summer schedules to schedule your appointment accordingly.

Arrive on time

It is advisable to arrive a few minutes before the scheduled time for the ITV. This way, you can complete the administrative formalities and prepare your vehicle for inspection without rushing or stress.

Verify requirements and documentation

Before going to the ITV, make sure you have all the necessary documents, such as the vehicle registration certificate, the vehicle’s technical data sheet, proof of valid insurance and the driver’s ID card. Verify that all documentation is in order to avoid complications during the inspection.

Opinions and comments from users about ITV in Estepona

The ITV of Estepona has received numerous opinions and comments from users who have passed through these technical inspection stations. Here are some of the experiences shared:

  • Satisfied users: Many users have expressed their satisfaction with the ITV service in Estepona. They highlighted the friendliness and professionalism of the staff, as well as the speed of the inspection process. In addition, they praised the ease of requesting appointments both by telephone and online.
  • Reduced waits: Several drivers have reported that, by requesting an appointment in advance, they have avoided long waits. They have mentioned that the schedules are respected and the organization system is efficient, which has allowed them to obtain their technical review in an agile and smooth manner.
  • Good facilities: Some users have highlighted the modern and well-equipped facilities at the Estepona ITV. They have pointed out that they have comfortable and appropriate spaces to carry out the technical inspection, which contributes to a more pleasant experience.
  • Improved customer service: Although overall the reviews are positive, some users have mentioned that they have experienced some difficulties or lack of clarity when communicating with the staff. They have suggested that customer service processes could be improved to provide even more satisfactory service.

These are just some of the opinions and comments that users have shared about ITV Estepona. Each experience is unique and may vary depending on the particular case.

Other aspects related to the ITV in Estepona and Andalucía

There are different sections and services related to the ITV in Estepona and throughout Andalusia that may be of interest to users. Some of them will be mentioned below:

  • Industrial promotion: ITV Estepona offers industrial promotion services for those businesses or companies that require technical inspections in their facilities. This service helps ensure regulatory compliance and safety in industrial processes.
  • Industrial planning: In connection with industrial promotion, ITV Estepona also offers industrial planning services. This involves reviewing and advising on the planning of industrial installations, ensuring that the necessary legal and technical requirements are met.
  • Commissioning of facilities and vehicles: ITV Estepona provides commissioning services for both facilities and vehicles. This involves inspection and certification that equipment and vehicles comply with established safety conditions and regulations.
  • Workshops: The Estepona ITV has workshops where repairs and modifications are made to vehicles for their subsequent technical inspection. These workshops comply with current standards and regulations and offer a guarantee for the work performed.

It is important to note that if any of these services are required, it is advisable to request an appointment and consult in advance for specific details and requirements.

Relevant data to pass the ITV in Estepona

Here you have the most relevant data or information about this ITV station:

  • Company:VEIASA
  • Address:Graham Bell, 15, 29680, Estepona, Málaga
  • Telephone to make an appointment: 959 999 999, during working hours from 7:30 am to 8:30 pm and Saturdays from 9 am to 2 pm.
  • Email: [email protected]